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Chiropractic Care

At our office we provide chiropractic care for the spine, neck, back, hands, arms, shoulders, knees, pelvis, feet, and head! Chiropractic care can change people's lives! For those of you who are not familiar with chiropractic care it involves the doctor using his hands or an adjusting instrument to correct function in joints. Often a joint is not moving correctly, is positioned poorly, is "stuck", or otherwise not working well. A chiropractic adjustment is not painful, is very specific, is very low force, and is very effective. A chiropractic adjustment encourages movement in a joint that was not moving before. A chiropractic adjustment increases your range of motion for stretching, turning, breathing deeply, or exercising. All of these things depend upon the correct function of joints!

One important thing to remember about chiropractic care for the spine is that it can affect the nerves that exit between the vertebrae of the spine. If spinal biomechanics or position is crowding or influencing the spinal nerves you can have pinching or pressing on the nerve root directly or indirectly. When care is provided for the neck I often see arm and hand problems correct. When care is provided for the low back and pelvis I see leg and feet problems correct. This is because the problems in the arm stems from problems in the spinal nerves near the vertebrae. Problems in the legs can stem from spinal nerve root irritation in the low back. I also see chiropractic care for the spine influence organ function, energy levels, and acupuncture flow. Since the spinal nerves that exit from our spine supply our muscles, internal organs, and give us our sensation of touch and pain we can influence all of these with chiropractic care!

At our office we find that chiropractic care is vital for health but is usually not prescribed as often as other chiropractors may prescribe it. Our philosophy suggests that most vertebral malpositions and joint problems are due to imbalances in the muscles that move the joints or tug and move the bones. I view bones as being the servants of muscles. If there is a problem in a house you talk to the master, not the servants. Since muscles are the masters of the bones and these muscles can be dysfunctional I often find that correcting imbalances in muscles first leads to long term stability in joints. We focus 90% of our effort for joint problems on the muscles that move the joint. Often muscles are dysfunctional, weak, or hypertonic. If we do not address problems with muscles I find myself having to adjust joints again and again and again. My patients do not want this and neither do I! I find that addressing these underlying muscle problems often leads to a permanent stability in a joint with only one or perhaps no chiropractic adjustments needed. This means we often fix our patients quicker and with longer lasting results than doctors who do not treat in this fashion! And that means less money and time wasted on getting better. Please feel free to call with questions.