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Fascial Release

Fascia is the connecting layers of skin, both external and internal, in the body. Fascia surrounds each muscle with an internal layer of "saran wrap." Fascia surrounds the heart. Fascia surrounds the brain. Fascia surrounds the lungs, the kidneys, the digestive organs, and the liver. Fascia permeates our bodies and holds us together.

When we have physical trauma from accidents or surgeries fascia can become distorted, dysfunctional, and become tight and unmoving. Infections can also affect fascia. What once was a smooth, free-flowing, protective layer around a muscle can become a smothering, tight sack that strangles movement and causes pain. Fascia can become tight and distorted in the heart, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the muscles of the back, legs and arms, and the digestive tract.

Because of the possibility of fascia affecting our internal organs we screen for fascial problems on most patients, both those with physical pain and those who are ill. When a sick patient asks why we are doing structural work, or fascial work, for them when they may not feel physically bad we explain to them why we do this. If a person's liver is dysfunctional because of fascial problems or scar tissue then a person usually has problems flushing toxins from the liver or releasing bile for digestion. Toxins accumulate and bile is unable to help digestion. With digestion poor and toxins high people are always sick. That is why we must physically evaluate internal organs and support with myofascial work if necessary.

Most myofascial work in our office is done with the doctor's hands using light pressure into areas of restrictions. Much work is also done with a percussor instrument which gives penetrating vibrations into areas of scar tissue and causes a relaxing and release of tension. Following these treatments is often an increase in motility of internal organs, an improved sense of well being, release from pain, an increase in ability to eliminate toxins, and occasionally emotional releases as well.

Work for fascial problems is especially common in the brain. Percussor work on the cranium affects the fascia around the brain, releasing tension and allowing for the micro-movements of the bones of the cranium. These movements of the skull allow for movement of the cerbro-spinal fluid in the brain and spinal column and has far-reaching effects on headaches and the health of the body. Fascial work is common for shoulder complaints as well. Fascial work with the percussor instrument helps frozen shoulders to become fully mobile in one to two visits. Fascial release is especially helpful with scars associated with surgeries. Surgical scars may be restricting the movements of the digestive tract, kidney function, bladder and sexual organ functions when the surgery is in the abdominal area.

Because fascia permeates our bodies and influences so strongly when there are problems with it we screen and treat all patients for these problems. At our holistic health clinic we believe that structure, body chemistry, and emotions are all intertwined. Fascia is one aspect of our health that deserves attention. Treatment of fascial problems can have far-reaching affects on health. Please feel free to call with questions.