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Hello! My name is Lewis Cone, DC. I live and work in the north Dallas, Texas area and provide care for patients with nutritional medicine. I see patients of all types who are searching for health care that will be naturally-based (vitamin therapy, herbs, detoxification support, etc.). Some patients come to me because they want to try something different because what they have been doing is not working. Other patients want to add in some nutritional or herbal care to compliment what their MD is doing for them. Other patients just come in because they prefer natural medicine. I welcome all.

I do see a lot of patients coming into the office for support with chronic conditions such as depression, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, infertility, pain in all areas of the body, nerve problems, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure problems. Some patients are kids with behavior problems or they get sick all the time. I see all ages. I also see athletes that are wanting to optimize their performance.

At our clinic we strive to treat each patient first and foremost as a human being. All time at the clinic is spent one-on-one with me, Dr. Cone. Office visits are not rushed and we spend 30 minutes working. We strive to identify the underlying causes of disease and treat these underlying causes naturally, quickly, and with long-lasting results. At the Nutritional Healing Center we strive to treat the whole person. This includes examining chemical, emotional, and structural causes for pain, illness, and lack of vitality.

I notice that many doctors focus entirely on chemical reasons for illness. Other doctors focus on emotional causes of illness. Some doctors focus on structural causes of illness. I think that in many cases specialists have cut themselves off from optimal potential for healing by choosing to specialize on only one aspect of human health. At our clinic we see our patients as having many emotional roles and stressors, multiple chemical/nutritional needs and burdens, and structural imbalances from toes to head. I hope to attract patients who want to be treated holistically, want to get better as fast as possible, and who want to be treated respectfully. My patients realize that when we treat the underlying big problems, the symptoms (pain, tiredness, etc.) go away. Although I am a chiropractor, I choose to specialize only in finding out the necessary nutritional remedies or homeopathic remedies for patients. I refer physical work out to other great chiropractors or massage therapists in the area if you need physical work.

I received my doctorate of chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. I graduated in August of 1998. I also have a bachelor's degree in human biology from Texas Chiropractic College. I have attended undergraduate courses at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

In addition to the training provided in the four years of college and 3-1/2 years of chiropractic school I continue my education with post-graduate training in many other areas. I have studied applied kinesiology from Dr. John Bandy and the enthusiastic Bob Rokowski. I have finished the highest level of nutrition response testing (or NRT) as taught by the wonderful Dr. Ulan and Dr. Bryman out of Clearwater, Florida. I have had nutritional training from Dr. Wally Schmidtt as well as nutritional protocols from Drs. Anderson and Wastyl. I have had the pleasure of advice, care, and encouragement from Dr. Tim McCullogh in Houston. I have been blessed with learning from Dr. Michael Leibowitz whom I consider to be one of the most brilliant and humble men I have met. Dr. Leibowitz has shown me the importance of food allergy testing and desensitization, heavy metal toxins and how to detoxify them, fungal and parasitic infections and how to treat them. I have studied cranial adjusting, fascial work, cold-laser therapy, the importance of nutritional work, testing for heavy metal toxins, low-force adjusting, and the importance of emotional work with the talented Dr. John Brimhall. I have learned about the wonderful processes of genetic testing and optimizing our genetics from the talented Dr. J Dunn, DC. I have also had training in acupuncture and acupressure. I continue to read and learn and I am especially interested in nutritional and emotional influences on physical pain and health. I am indebted to those doctors that I mentioned above. Without their encouragement, genius at understanding the human body, and teaching, I would not be where I am today. If I have vision it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

I currently practice in Dallas, Texas in the North Dallas area. I have been blessed with experiences of treating patients in the Lubbock and Amarillo areas as well as practicing for one year in Montrose, Colorado. I am still lucky enough to have several patients travel from Lubbock, Corpus Christi, Waco, Kaufman, and Paris, Texas or even from Florida to visit me for treatment. Some patients from Mexico regularly come to see me when they are in town visiting family. I use this as an example to show the importance and rarity of holistic care in this area of the world. People will and do travel for effective health care.

I currently see many different types of patients. As mentioned above all sorts of complaints come through our doors ranging from acute injury to illnesses that have no name. We commonly accept many children as new patients who are chronically sick with ear infections, strep throat, low energy, trouble sleeping, behavior problems, headaches, and asthma. We also accept many adult patients with multiple complaints ranging from low energy, skin rashes, depression, PMS, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chron's and colitis diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid disorders, migraine headaches, and airborne allergies. Many adult patients have been to numerous doctors and have had no luck in finding ANY answers to their complaints. These patients are especially happy when we start identifying and treating problems that were overlooked by other health care providers.

As well as treating patients during the day I often lecture to various organizations, clubs, and churches who want to have a talk or presentation on holistic health care or certain disease conditions. If you know of a group, club, or church who would like to have a free public lecture please contact me for scheduling a talk. I really enjoy public speaking and making friends and contacts in the community. I have taught Anatomy and Physiology.

My first experience with holistic health care was when a close friend was suffering from migraine headaches. She was having no luck in finding reasons for the headaches or how to prevent them. The medical doctors at the time seemed unable or unwilling to do anything other than "double up on your aspirin" for solving the pain. At the recommendation of another friend we went to a "crazy chiropractor" who quickly and correctly diagnosed the reason for her migraine headaches in 5 minutes. She was diagnosed as having a milk allergy and from this time on has no headaches as long as she avoids milk. Because of this fascinating introduction to alternative medicine and holistic care I have been on my own journey for education in this area of health.

I have had the pleasure and misfortune both of living in many different parts of America during my childhood. I have lived in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. I am interested in languages and speak Spanish and Russian. I love to travel both around Dallas, the U.S. and the world. I am active in exercise and believe in being an example of health for my patients. That means that you may see me exercising at LA Fitness or riding my bicycle around the local lakes. I hope to see you and be seen riding in the MS150 bicycle rally or the Hotter Than Hell bicycle rally this year. I try to eat sensibly without being so restrictive I cannot ever splurge on something really tasty. I find that as I become healthier I am losing my taste for desserts and almost never eat anything with sugar in it now. I am rarely sick because I take care of my health with proactive eating and exercising habits as well as getting holistic health care. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, climbing, and camping in the outdoors in New Mexico and Colorado.

I hope to meet you soon.

Lewis Cone, DC