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Natural Medicine, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Care

Welcome to our office! We want the very best for each patient that we come in contact with. We employ a variety of testing techniques in our office to help find out what is going on and also to know what to recommend. We use various testing techniques that you may have heard of: applied kinesiology (A.K.), Wholistic Kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing, Psych K, contact reflex analysis (C.R.A.) and testing techniques pioneered by Dr. Michael Lebowitz, Dr. J. Dunn, Dr. John Bandy, Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Dick Versendaal, Dr. Freddy Ulan, Dr. Wally Shmidt, Rob Williams, and Bruce Lipton, PhD. Our holistic approach is focused on finding nutritional approaches to support you. We use herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, enzymes, vitamins, and mineral support. We might recommend that you change something in your house or make a lifestyle change. You might benefit from arch supports in your shoes. A scar on your skin might be irritating your acupuncture channels and benefit from scar therapy. You might benefit from having some protection from the radiation we are around daily from cell phones, wifi, and radio towers. In addition, we are screening for genetic metabolism challenges (methylation problems). I think this is the cutting edge of health care and am seeing real miracles when you support your genetic weaknesses. Please call us to schedule an appointment. 972-880-8541

Natural Healing Center is located in north Dallas, Texas (9550 Forest Lane, Suite 605). We additionally service: Plano, Garland, Richardson, Rowlett, Carrollton, Allen, Mesquite, Irving, Addison, Grapevine, Flower Mound, Euless, Midlothian, and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.

What to Expect

We have 2 different types of patients at our office… 1) people who just love natural medicine and 2) people who are desperate and frustrated with their health and have been to numerous doctors. We love both types! What you can expect in the first visit is an hour and a half discussing your condition, listening (a lost art), and then doing some simple tests to find what your body needs to start feeling better. These simple tests are a type of neurological feedback testing. Your brain is able to communicate what is going on through these simple tests and show zones or areas of stress, things that are stressing you, and natural remedies that would be the best choice. In addition to the neurological feedback testing, you can also order some genetic testing from 23 and Me, as well as with blood work. There are millions of “natural cures” out there. We try to calmly and sanely find which few out of the millions of natural cures would be the most effective. After the first visit then we schedule follow up visits to see how you are progressing and smooth out and adjust the recommended supplements. The first exam is about an hour and a half… follow up visits are generally about 30 minutes.

Our philosophy of healing

We have physical bodies with a magical mix of chemical reactions and hormones bubbling at every moment. We have muscles and bones that move us. We have fascia and ligaments that hold us together. We have emotions and sometimes spiritual scars from past traumas. Each of these facets of who we are can be supported and helped. We all need good food for great health. That is the foundation. In addition to that we may need to supplement our diet with vital nutrients that are low in our food. We also may have problems with methylation or conversion of certain molecules to the next step so we can use them. Sometimes due to genetics we may need some specialized support for our chemistry to be the best. We may have some hidden infections, food allergies, or toxins that have accumulated. We may need counseling when we are sad. We may need a boost to help us when we are emotionally stuck. We may need chiropractic care, massage, fascial work, or various physical modalities to help our structure when we are hurting. At our office we refer our patients out to other doctors for the physical work that they need. Our focus is on the nutritional or chemical needs as well as recommendations for certain things that can help emotional balancing. At the bottom line, our bodies want to heal!! We just need to find out what is lacking for the body to heal. Miracles happen every day when you give the body what it wants or remove any chemical, emotional or physical blockages. Let us work on creating your own super health again. Remember when we were kids and we got up full of energy (on any non-school day)? I want that for all of us again!

Nutritional Companies that we use
  • Nutri West
  • Standard Process
  • Thorne
  • Supreme Nutrition
  • VerVita
Restoring the body's innate ability to create wellness

When toxic metals, hidden infections, food allergies, or scars are wrecking your health... you can't just eat well, or take a multi-vitamin and expect that to do the trick! When you have genetic defects that slow down detoxification pathways and don’t let you use your foods on a cellular level… then you can’t feel good without finding how to optimize your genetics!

Even the BEST nutrition in the world won't work if there are hidden stressors wreaking havoc on your body. You need to get rid of the things that are destroying your health before good nutrition will work. Call me and let me help find out what is sabotaging your health! That is my specialty! - Dr. Lewis Cone, DC 972-880-8541

Conditions we routinely successfully help at Natural Healing Center include: Acid reflux, ADD, ADHD, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back injury, back pain, blood pressure, candida, chronic pain, constipation, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, digestive problems, food sensitivities, hair loss, headaches, cholesterol, hot flashes, IBS/IBD, infertility, knee injuries, menopause, migraines, and mood disorders, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciitis, prostatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, irritable bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, Hashimoto's disease, parasite infections, herpes, chronic cough, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, weight loss, Epstein-Barr, mono, sciatica, neck pain, leaky gut syndrome, panic attacks, thyroid dysfunction, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, mold infections, knee pain, rash, dermatitis, eczema, food allergies, high blood pressure, frozen shoulder, bursitis, dermatitis, mercury toxicity, mercury poisoning, detox, chronic fatigue, tired, low energy, psoriatic arthritis, tooth pain, and acne.

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