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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get better?

Of course it varies but I frequently see people notice changes within one to two weeks. If a person has a food allergy, then stopping eating a certain food can have you feeling better within a day or so! Certain toxic conditions can take months to show improvement. It really depends upon the individual but usually patients notice changes with 1 to 3 weeks. I monitor progress with regular checkups. A real change in body tissues takes about 90 days so I encourage people to be patient as their body heals. Healing is a good permanent change. This is not like a pain-killer that may work in an hour but does not provide ANY permanent change or healing.

How often do you recommend I come to see you?

For chronic conditions I recommend visits be around once every two weeks. For acute injury or acute illness it helps to come in two to three times a week.

Why do you take such a long time between visits? My other chiropractor has me come in 3-5 times per week?

For chronic conditions such as migraine headaches, an autoimmune disease, or fatigue it is important to eliminate food allergies from your diet and take some natural medicines. For these medicines or supplements to work we need to give them time before we reevaluate how your body is reacting to the healing process. I feel three weeks is about the right amount of time between reevaluations and treatments to allow supplements enough time to make changes in your tissues. Also, applied kinesiology is such a powerful tool and the changes in your body are so large that it would be unproductive to do it too often. This saves time and money for the patients.

How much does an office visit cost?

A standard first office visit costs $400. In this office visit we do a complete exam, thorough history, test for food allergies, screen for infections (yeast/fungal, virus, bacteria, parasites), provide chiropractic care where and if necessary, treat for muscle imbalances, desensitize your body to infections and allergies, talk about diet, and screen for nutritional medicines. All of these tests and services are included in the cost of the office visit. Follow up visits are scheduled in 30 minute increments for $80 per 30 minutes. Usually normal office visits last 30 minutes. Occasionally people traveling from another state to visit our clinic or someone with large complex problems will benefit from scheduling an hour of treatment time.

I have been to many doctors for my condition. Why should I try the Nutritional Healing Center when I have not been helped by many other good doctors?

Our standard patient has been to many doctors for their complaints whether it is from chronic pain, fatigue, old injuries, headaches, degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc. It is extremely common for most patients to have been to 5 to 10 doctors before coming to our clinic. The reason we get such good results is that we try to be very thorough and use testing and treatment procedures that are not used in standard clinics or hospitals. A common mistake in many disease conditions is not testing correctly for yeast, fungal, or parasite infections. We test all our patients for these problems and find them very often. When correctly treated for infections many disease conditions immediately improve. Often patients have not been correctly screened for food allergies. Patients have not been tested for toxic metals or poisoning in body tissues. Patients have not been given any or the correct nutritional medicine to promote healing. Patients have not been evaluated structurally with applied kinesiology testing procedures. We do all of these things and the results are fantastic.

Are there any side effects to nutritional medicine?

Yes! And the side effects are very nice! Unlike drugs which often cause unpleasant side-effects, natural medicine often causes pleasant changes in your body that were unexpected. Some patients report weight loss as a side-effect of therapy for migraine headaches. Some patients report increased energy, digestive complaints clearing up, clearer thinking, deeper sleep, increased libido, increased resistance to infections, rashes clearing up, increased stamina, and less depression in addition to their main complaint going away!

Do you have any recommendations for care that I can do for myself?

I always recommend that patients take care of themselves. That is the first job of any good doctor. I recommend that everyone strive to incorporate the following self care habits into their life if possible.

  • Stay active with some aerobic exercise 3 to 7 times per week. Walking speeds return to health faster than complete rest.
  • Strength training at least once a week.
  • Eat 2 large salads each day. Eat fruit for snacks.
  • Try to drink 1 gallon of water each day.
  • Avoid foods that you are allergic to.
  • Have your house and work air quality screened at our clinic. If the air is a problem it may be helpful to purchase a good ozonator/air purifier.
  • Read books on health issues to stay up on new ideas.
  • Most people would be healthier if they avoided milk and white flour products.
  • Limit sugar intake to special occasions.
  • Avoid caffeine since this stresses the adrenal glands and negatively influences the sleep cycle. Caffeine is linked to joint pains as well.
  • Don't smoke!
  • Drink alcohol in moderation and infrequently.
  • Eat foods that are fresh or freshly cooked instead of packaged foods.
  • Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Some people need 9 regularly.
  • Take your vitamins!

Why are there not more clinics like yours?

Applied kinesiology and functional medicine are both relatively new to the world. More and more clinics are using advanced testing procedures derived from applied kinesiology and functional medicine. One reason there are not more clinics like ours is that these testing procedures are not taught in medical schools, but rather are more available to chiropractors. Some forward-thinking medical doctors and dentists are using holistic health care as well. These ideas are not pleasant for the drug companies since they promote self care and nutritional medicine rather than prescription drugs. Natural medicine is not advertised heavily on television. Natural medicine and holistic health care is slowly growing from patient referrals and delighted patients. This small, grassroots growth must compete with standard health care which is advertised on television and magazines everywhere. Standard health care has a huge advantage because it is the accepted norm. People are beginning to wake up and realize that there are better things out there.

If I have the flu or feel sick should I wait to come in for my appointment until I feel better?

Absolutely not! Please come in when you are feeling bad! We can test what nutrition you may need to help get over the flu, diarrea, or chest cough. Many times you need a specific herb or vitamin to help get over an illness. When you find the right support you generally get better very quickly. Please don't try to "wait it out" until you feel better to come in for your regular appointment. Don't put your progress on hold.

Is there a natural medicine that you would recommend that I keep on hand to give my children or myself if they start to get sick?

Absolutely! I recommend that every family keep a bottle of Morinda Supreme handy at home or with travel. Morinda is a natural fruit that most bugs seem to hate. I take a small scoop of Morinda at the first sign of a sore throat or stomach upset. The next day I feel fine. I use Morinda to treat the beginnings of a problem before it gets bigger. That way you don't have to get really sick, you just nip in the bud while it is small. Come by our office and get a bottle of Morinda Supreme for yourself or family. It tends to help the immune system fight off most bugs including viruses, bacteria, fungus/yeast, and parasites.