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The Great Health Heist - by Paul Rosen
Paul Rosen is an acupuncturist and nutritionist who has written a book explaining about muscle-testing, the nutritional problems in America, and how the current health model (hospital and drug based) is not healing America. The U.S. is on the bottom of the health list of the top 17 industrialized nations. We spend the most money on health care and have the worst health! That says that our system is not working. You will be glad to know that nutritional supplements are very inexpensive and very effective… much more so than prescription drugs (for most conditions). There are lots of examples of what conditions responded to from many ill people.

Supersize Me - a movie by Morgan Spulock
This movie documents a man who eats at only McDonalds for a month and how he gets depressed, gains weight, loses sex drive, has headaches, and has high cholesterol. Does that sound like anyone you know? This is a great movie that highlights the dangers of eating fast-food and how it is killing us. This movie is also very funny!

The G.I. Diet - by Rick Gallup
This book as well as the cookbook (Living the GI Diet) are a must read for learning how to eat better, not how to diet to lose weight. You will lose weight when you control your blood sugar. This book promotes an eating style that encourages you to eat as much as you want of a HUGE variety of foods. There are very little foods to avoid and they are clearly explained. This book agrees in many ways with the Coconut Oil Miracle as well. Diets mostly fail because they are difficult to maintain. Once you quit the "diet" then you gain your weight back (plus some). This way of eating is easy to do forever and you don't feel like you are suffering. A great book on how to lose weight, increase energy, get rid of cravings, and maintain it!

The Coconut Oil Miracle - by Bruce Fife
This book explains many of our misunderstandings about fats and oils. It explains how coconut oil helps with weight loss as well as the many ways that infective organisms can't live in the presence of coconut oil. They have no defenses against this amazing oil. Viruses and bacteria tend to explode when there is coconut oil in the bloodstream. Also people's appetites decrease. A great book.

The Yeast Syndrome - by John Trowbridge, MD
This book talks in great detail about the hidden problems associated with yeast infections in America. Many women, men, and children are suffering needlessly from hidden infections and yeast is the most common one that I find and treat in my office. Anything from fatigue to headaches to depression can be coming from a simple yeast infection. A good read on the subject if you want to learn more.