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I met Dr. Cone as a referral from my karate instructor. I had knee pain for months. I was limping when walking and couldn't even think about running. Running was my way to build stamina. My condition was bad enough that I was mentally preparing for the possibility that my knee may need surgery. Several months had passed and it was getting worse. When I met with Dr. Cone and he clearly demonstrated with several techniques that my knee was not being supported by all the major muscle groups that are designed to support my knee. I knew after the first visit he made an incredible difference. He also made it clear that it would only take about four to six visits to entirely heal the damage I had done. My knee healed in the time frame he stated and to this day I have no pain in that knee. Now I run as hard and as long as I want with no pain.

I could end my story here. Dr. Cone knows a lot about healing people. What separates Dr. Cone from others is not what he knows. People don't care what other people know, they want to know that you care! Dr. Cone genuinely cares about his patients. A lot of professionals herd you in and out in minutes with little care. The detailed attention you receive from Dr. Cone will truly exceed any expectations you could have.

Lawrence Grimm
Dallas, Texas

Dear Dr. Cone,

I just wanted to send you a note to "Thank You" for helping me with my back problems. I had suffered since June of 2002 with these spasms. With your help I am now well on the way to a healthy normal, and pain free life again. Feel free to give my name and phone number to anyone contemplating this type of therapy. I'll be happy to discuss my experience with them. Once again....."Thank You" for helping me get rid of my back pain.

Danny Morehead

A remarkable man, a highly gifted, caring man completely dedicated to the healing arts. He helped me step-by-step recover from a severe, critical case of metal poisoning and toxicity. At times on the form where he wrote my instructions for the week, he would jokingly write "next visit- 20 minutes." I was that volatile and unstable in my illness. Thank goodness things have stabilized and my life is on the upswing.

Marilyn Wilkins
real estate manager
Lubbock, Texas

I have found Dr. Cone to be one of those rare doctors who spends quality time listening to what his patients have to say, so he can understand their mental, emotional, and physical needs. He welcomes feedback and treats the whole person. I look forward to each appointment because I know that I always feel better after being treated.

Cheryl Reifer
Plano, Texas

Dear Dr. Cone,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you were able to help me. You and I both know that I had been suffering with chronic pain in my left shoulder for a long time. Prior to coming to see you I was examined by an orthopedic surgeon and he suggested that I discontinue exercising for an indefinite period of time. As a person who enjoys exercising and staying fit like I do, this was totally unacceptable. So, I had finally accepted that I was just going to have to live with the pain. Then I met you.

After only one treatment session the pain reduced significantly and after the second and third sessions the pain was only minimal. It has been approximately eight weeks since I first came to see you and I have been lifting weights, running, boxing with a heavy bag, and I've been going "full blast", just ask anyone at my gym. I've never felt stronger. I even forgot that I had a problem. No more pain, what a relief! I'm eternally grateful!

Daren Massad
Dallas, Texas

I liked Dr. Cone's work very much. After his one treatment and several weeks of taking vitamins I really felt better. My headaches are almost completely gone.

Sveta Pomaro
Plano, Texas.

After my first visit to Dr. Cone I noticed a tremendous difference in my physical condition. He was able to alleviate three out of five ailments that I was suffering from. I plan on referring any of my friends to his practice.

Bryan Hlavaty
ink specialist
Richardson, Texas

I was led to Dr. Cone when I could find no one else to treat my baby's problems. At 16 months, my baby was irritable and not sleeping well. He was still getting up four to six times a night! Pediatricians didn't seem to know what to do. For every symptom he had, they'd recommend advil. I knew that I had to try something different and thats when my search led me to Dr. Cone.

Dr. Cone did thorough, extensive testing on the first visit and within four days, my baby was not only sleeping through most nights, but was much happier throughout the days too!

Dr. Cone knows what he is doing. He listens when you talk. He put up with my baby crying for an hour and a half while he calmly discussed things with me. He seems to genuinely care about my health and my baby's health. If you are looking for someone to treat the problem, and not just the symptom, I'd recommend Dr. Cone.

Marissa May
Plano, Texas

I am a biased M.D. who has been extremely sceptical of chiropractic and alternative medicine. However, I have, perhaps, been equally sceptical of conventional medicine and its inability to treat some patients. Lewis, my son, has v-e-r-y slowly erased much of my scepticism in his ability to identify and treat what appear to be environmental and/or allergic problems.

I am certain that I have a milk allergy. Lewis has also identified oats as a food that I was allergic to. I had stopped drinking milk at breakfast because it made me congested and switched to a more “healthy” oatmeal for breakfast, only to find that I had become quite sick for a month. Lewis identified that I was allergic to oats and pointed out that I became sick at the same time that I started eating oatmeal for breakfast. I have also identified that I become sick when I eat burritos from a certain mexican food restaurant-only to find out that they dilute their ground meat with oatmeal.

I have had a mitral valve in my heart replaced and had some complications for a couple of months (low energy, palpitations, diarrhea). I felt that I 'just didn't feel well' which is not much information to go on for most physicians. I asked my cardiologist and he asked if I had gained weight. 'Yes, about 5 pounds.' 'That's your problem then!' he replied. Again, Lewis tested me and found a yeast infection to be the problem. (My scepticism was screaming out, but it was still worth the 5 pound weight gain did not to my mind answer the questions.) 'Yeast! Who ever thought of such nonsense. Yeast is naturally occurring!' To make a long story short, Lewis was correct. My symptoms totally cleared, my stamina is restored, my shortness of breath and palpitations stopped...after about 6 months of wondering if I would ever regain my health.

As a medical doctor and general practicioner in my younger days I had many patients who stumped me and any specialists they consulted. I am of the opinion that food and environmental sensitivities are a common problem but totally out of the range of most allergists and internists/pediatricians. I could give more discussion, but Dr. Lewis Cone gives the better discussion in my opinion. I think he has a lot of insight into numerous common problems most M.D.'s either misdiagnose or just do not understand.

Douglas Cone, MD
Lubbock, Texas

When I came in first off I couldn't sleep at night because of jaw pain and neck pain. Then Dr. Cone started working on me and fixed that problem. Then I had a nagging pain in my glute and piriformis and we started working on that. That is cleared up now. I went from not racing well (running and cycling/duathlons) to knocking 2 minutes off my 5k time from the start of the season till now (3 months). I am getting competitive with very little training. I was recovering from a past achilles tendon tear. I have started taking Probiomine and I've noticed that I can push myself really hard with training and then the next day I am able to train or push myself again. I feel like I have less "trash" buildup in my legs from intense exercise. Overall I feel faster without training as hard. You can't train so hard in the intense heat of July here in Dallas. By fall I should have sparks shooting off the heels of my running shoes.

AJ O'Neil

When I first came to Dr. Cone's office I was still a little skeptical of the whole idea of chiropractic remedies. After having many allergies as a child, and taking numerous pills a day to 'fix' them, from my homeopathic doctor, I began to think they would never go away. I had allergic reactions to almost all vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, etc. and may fruits also- my lips would become swollen, making it very hard for me to want to eat healthy. But Dr. Cone had a solution to my problems. He did various tests on me to determine what was wrong with my immune system, and prescribed me 2 things to take a day, for 2 weeks. After taking the medications, my allergies have completely cleared, and I can now eat anything without having to worry about the results.

Kayla Austin

Before coming to Dr. Cone I was very weak in my body and had very little strength. After getting my food allergies treated as well as help from God above I feel 100% better and renewed in my entire body.

Aimee Pietzsch
Kaufman, TX

Relief was immediate and specific to the areas of pain! Afterward I had a general relaxed and renewed sense of being 'pain free'.

Clark Schaffer

I was having trouble walking during my daily walks because of some swelling in my feet. I noticed that I was using the outside of my left foot and walk which resulted in lower back and hip pain. After Dr. Cone treated my back, he introduced me to a nutritional health program. I am now able to walk without pain and also noticed that a lot of my aches and pains have disappeared. I have more energy than before. Being active and healthy is very important to me at my age of 50+. I feel younger than I have felt in a few years and plan on getting younger as I continue with the nutrition program.

Mary Ann Plante

I've been a patient of Dr. Cone's for the past year and have improved on many levels. The low level of pain in my back, which I thought I would have to live with since adjustments were not working, is almost completely gone. The nutrition side of Dr. Cone discovered eggs are the culprit, so I have been avoiding eggs and taking supplements for the past several months. I thought I would have an omelet last Sunday, well, several hours later it was as if a sledge hammer hit me in the back. It will be quite some time before I have another omelet. Allergies have been a big part of my life, I've spent a total of 8 years on allergies shots, sinus surgery, sinus medications and countless sinus infection and wanted an end to this. Since I've been on supplements to battle my severe allergies I've only three sinus infections, two I battled on my own and have only been on antibiotics once in the past 10 months, which is a complete miracle for me. We also discovered milk aggravates my system so I've been avoiding that too. In addition to my back and allergies getting better my acid reflux has improved and I've taken myself off of Prilosec and my TMJ specialist has seen less of me this year since my grinding has lessened which in turn has eased my migraines. I will have to say when my visits to Dr. Cone became primarily nutrition-focused I was skeptical, not any more. I get weird looks from people when I describe my treatments but I don't' care, I'm not in pain, they are.

Elizabeth Conrad

Things that have improved:

  • Overall sense of more centered- more balanced.
  • More interactive- "in the present"- with the boys, etc., not so spacey and foggy
  • Appetite much more under control- lack of craving feelings
  • Weight dropping slowly and steadily
  • Hair looking more glossy and less frizzy, etc. and not breaking so easily.
  • More overall stamina- not having the dips in energy as much
  • Able to stay off allergic foods w/o distress in doing so- almost easy to avoid them
  • More self "ok-ness"- sense of increased confidence and calmness
  • Much more centered and balanced in difficult situations- like with my husband
  • Neck less stiff than it used to be- still some, but definitely not as much as before.
  • Increased body heat- not so much cold hands, cold feet, sensation.
  • Inreased feeling of sexuality and sexual feelings- of a normal good amount. That had been very low the past 2-3 years
  • Perkier- much more bouncy, energetic demeanor and general feeling than before where I felt like a walking zombie- depressed
  • Gums are less irritated and tender.
  • Hump area back of neck used to ache and hurt, now it doesn't
  • Gallbladder, liver, stomach symptoms have calmed down a lot
  • Less fearful to follow instructions and do the nutrition, etc.
  • Patch of scaly skin on elbow better
  • Age spots on cheek have disappeared.

Marilyn Cone

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (an immune system disease) and I have been on thyroid medication. I have been seeing Dr. Cone for acupressure since late fall 2004 and my recent thyroid tests are normal. Dr. Cone is treating my arthritis and has helped me significantly.

Jeanette Maska

On March 8 of 2002 my family was in a car accident. I really didn't know anything about how to get therapy, but I knew I needed it. My neck hurt so bad and my kids were unhappy. My lawyer sent me to a clinic to get treatment. It seemed like my neck was worse after they got finished. I was fed up, but then I was introduced to Dr. Cone. He was so nice and gentle with my kids. He took his time with my neck. He made my neck feel 100% better. My kids are happy and so am I. I would tell anybody that Dr. Cone is the best.

Thank you.

Nicole Brown and family.

During January 2005 an old lower back problem reappeared. In the past this problem had always disappeared with sufficient rest, but this time it became progressively worse, to the point where every time I tried to lie down, the pain involved made it extremely difficult for me to lower my left leg on to the mattress. Eventually I decided to try acupuncture and was referred to Dr. Lewis Cone in March 2005. The night after the first treatment from Dr. Cone, which did not involve needles, I was able to lower my left leg on to the mattress with perhaps only 10% of the pain previously experienced. Thereafter Dr. Cone started the acupuncture needle treatment and after seven sessions of these, my back problem is 95% cured. I have been truly amazed and delighted by the treatment and after I have had 12 sessions with Dr. Cone I intend returning to him for maintenance treatments on no less than a monthly basis.

Godfrey Traub

My name is Jimmy Osoria. I am a dentist in Dallas. I have had a shoulder problem for about 2 months. When I came to see Dr. Cone he worked on my shoulder one time and it has not bothered me since. I also struggled with having energy in the mornings. Dr. Cone placed me on some nutrient supplementation and I feel more energetic than ever before. In addition I have fought off colds that were starting to occur.

Thank you, Dr. Cone

Jimmy Osorio, DDS

I've had so much pain with my feet that when I got out of bed I hated putting my feet on the floor. Dr. Cone has treated me and the results are amazing. Pain gone and I could run if I had to. I look forward to coming to the Nutritional healing center of Dallas because I always feel much better after the treatment. I walk straighter, walk better, and have a feeling of well-being.

Kay Ganarelli

I began coming here several weeks ago at which time it was very painful to sit or stand. Previously I had first gone to someone else for longer and nothing had improved due to the very little service I received each visit. But here after 5 or so visits I am pain-free for the first time in 6 months. I am very thankful for the quality of service I have received. I can't imagine what's to come. Thank you.

Marsha Cambell

I was suffering from acute lower back pain and after 2 sessions of therapy, 1 adustment and 1 treatment of acupuncture I was up cleaning my apartment on the 2nd day! It was my first acupuncture treatement and was truly painless yet effective in increasing my mobility and overall wellness. After 2 treatments I have convinced 2 freinds to seek chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. Thank you to the great team of doctors (and pleasant receptionists).

Erica Burnough

Since visiting Dr. Cone and receiving adjustments and acupuncture I have started to feel a general sense of release, like an invisible weight had been lifted off of me. I feel more at ease and relaxed rather than stressed. I have an elevated mood rather than feeling depressed. Overall I feel much better about myself, and life in general. Thanks, you are great and gentle on first-timers.

Thanks for the TLC!

Lisa Williams

I have been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and arm for about 2 or 3 months. I started to see Dr. Cone about 6 weeks ago and he has been adjusting my neck and back but he has also been doing non-needle acupuncture on me as well. He told me he could work the pain back up my arm to my shoulder and then back to the neck area and then it would go away. This weekend I did not have any pain even though I carried my 11 month old grandson around for most of 2 days. I cannot tell you how good it is to be rid of the pain. I know there is still work to do, but to feel good again is wonderful.

Thanks for the help.


Dr. Cone improved and corrected a lot of problems in my neck and back. He was on time and very professional in his work. He did an outstanding job and his work really helps. Thank you for an experienced doctor who was a great person. Continuing to stay in contact.

Joshua Horton