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Allergy Testing

At our clinic we do allergy testing and on most of the patients that visit us. Most, but not all, patients show an allergy to one or more foods. For those foods that a patient shows allergic reactions to we have them avoid them for a 3 week period, desensitize their immune systems to the foods, supply the patient with missing nutrition, and reintroduce most foods again with no allergic reactions. The allergy testing is non-invasive and takes about 3 to 6 minutes. We screen from 50 to 300 different foods in this time. The results are immediate.

Children and adults both enjoy our office visits where there are no needles and no skin-scratch testing done. During the time we are testing our patients we chat and the patients are relaxed. We use a neurologic testing approach that allows the patients immune system, brain, and muscle responses to quickly, painlessly, and accurately identify problem foods.

After foods have been identified we use a cold laser to stimulate acupuncture reflexes on the feet, hands, and face while the patient is holding the samples of irritating foods. This procedure is painless, quick, and effective. We complement this procedure with finding missing nutrients that will help digestion, absorption, and immune system function. Usually this is only one missing nutrient. Patients then go on a three week avoidance for foods that showed an irritating response in the body. The combination of these approaches brings about some miraculous changes in patients!

Some patients may already know they have allergies to certain foods. Some patients may have no clue about food allergies. We screen everyone for these problems because the response to this treatment protocol is so effective and quick. Most patients do not think of infections having a relationship with allergies, though. I often find that certain infections in the digestive tract are irritating the lining of the intestines and making food allergies worse. Often we treat for low-grade fungal, parasitic, or bacterial infections in conjunction with allergy elimination work. This also brings about some miraculous changes in patients!

Increases in energy, decreases in pain, quick healing, loss of headaches, mental clarity, easier sleeping, weight loss, lifting of depression, and improvements in digestion follow allergy work. We would not be a whole person, or holistic, clinic without this treatment protocol. Please feel free to call with questions.