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Electrical Stress

People these days are exposed to an unusually high amount of radiation or magnetic stress. Pagers, cell phones, computers screens, televisions, radio waves, x-rays, fluorescent lighting, wall wiring, electric blankets, hair dryers, electric clocks next to our heads at night, and power lines all bombard us with high-frequency wave energy. When we are in weakened states or when we are exposed to too much of a load of radiation stress our health is affected.

I find that many people with chronic low energy, headaches, emotional problems, sleeping disturbances, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other conditions are showing signs of electromagnetic stress. Because we find this problem to affect our patients we screen all patients for this problem at our clinic. In about 1 minute we can evaluate a patient for electromagnetic stress. When this stress is indicated we find various support therapies for each patient and try to identify exposure sources which can be minimized.

After supporting patients against these stressors and avoiding exposure sources of high radiation people report much higher energy, changes in emotional states, and recovery from difficult, chronic infections. Please feel free to call with questions.