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At our clinic we screen most of our patients for infections whether the patient seems "sick" or not. We screen for indications of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and yeasts. Most patients who feel "sick" do indeed have infections. Surprisingly, many patients with chronic pain, unstable emotions, hard to heal injuries, low energy, and other symptoms have infections causing symptoms and contributing to illness. For this reason we screen most patients for infections. This screening process usually takes about 2 minutes. What type of organism and what type of therapy is indicated also. So withing these two minutes we find indications of infections, what type of infection, and what to do about it! The majority of infections are cleared out within 2 to 3 weeks.

At our clinic we have a large natural medicine pharmacy for treating infections. Yeast or fungal infections are extremely common and are overlooked by most standard health care providers. Parasites are also rarely tested for but I find indications of parasite infections quite often. Parasites, yeast, and fungal infections may require treatment of a spouse or sexual partner for complete resolution. Occasionally yeast or fungal infections may be coming from a moldy house or work environment and a good cleaning, airing out, and ozone treatment is required. Very rarely a person will not improve from serious health problems until they move to a new house. Some houses are beyond fixing or cleaning and are a huge source of mold or fungal spores that we inhale. Occasionally we find that parasite infections may come from certain water sources in a person's house or work environment. When infections are hard to eliminate we frequently have patients bring in air samples, water samples, and spouses for examination and screening. Our results are very good because we try to cover all the bases! The cost for these testing procedures is included in the price of our office visits.

Infections in the digestive tract often lead to inflammation and destruction of the linings of the intestines. This destruction of the intestinal lining leads to absorption of toxins and undigested food particles into the blood stream. When this happens patients experience allergic reactions, decreases in energy, mood swings, joint pain, brain fog, and occasionally may lead to autoimmune reactions. Allergic reactions often suppress the immune system and allow us to become sick very frequently. This syndrome of problems is called "leaky gut syndrome." Leaky gut syndrome frequently spontaneously heals when the patient is treated for the infectious organisms causing damage in the intestines. Infections, because they damage our intestines, inhibit our ability to detoxify from poisons. Certain infectious organisms thrive in the presence of toxic metals and actively absorb them. This also makes detoxifying difficult or impossible! Because infections, especially low-grade or chronic infections, cause so much damage and health problems we screen for and treat infections all the time. Our patients report quick and large improvements in health with this type of care. Please feel free to call with questions.