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At our clinic we do a large amount of testing for toxins and support for eliminating them from the body. Two major organs, the liver and kidneys, often need nutritional support to promote proper function and elimination of toxins. After we make sure that the liver or kidneys are working properly we address elimination of specific toxins. It is important to note that we do not promote detoxification from toxins until the body is ready for it. Some patients are too sick, their kidneys or liver may be diseased, or other reasons may prevent us from going ahead with detoxification procedures. By addressing the body's needs in the correct order we prevent many unpleasant side-effects that can be associated with eliminating toxins from the body.

When it is safe to do so we recommend a series of support procedures for each patient. We identify certain natural medicines, vitamins, minerals, or amino acids that support eliminating specific toxins from the body. We physically support the liver, gall bladder, and bile duct with fascial release techniques that allow the smooth elimination of toxic bile from the liver. We encourage a large amount of water in the daily diet to help flush toxins from the kidneys and intestines. We may recommend regular bathing techniques and scrubbing of the skin to help toxins escape. We use acupuncture and meridian therapy techniques to stimulate the body to release toxins from storage sites. We may encourage additional fiber in the diet to promote a healthy bowel flow and movement of toxins out of our intestines. We use cold laser therapy to stimulate the body's natural mechanisms for elimination. We do everything we can to support the body eliminating toxins at a reasonable speed with the minimum of side effects.

In addition to these specific detoxification procedures we also support each patient with chiropractic care, emotional release techniques, dietary recommendations, close supervision, and a friendly ear. What follows detoxification is often large changes in patient's health. They lose weight. They increase energy. Hormone levels normalize. Pain decreases. They stop being sick all the time. They stop feeling like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Patients that looked and felt like they were dying can completely turn around with proper support for their bodies. At the root of many "hypochondriac's" complaints are heavy loads of toxins! Depending on the severity of poisons in the body it may take from several weeks to over a year to release the majority of toxins from the body. Slow and steady is much, much better than fast and furious with detoxifying.

It is rare to find doctors that test for and treat for heavy metal poisoning, insecticide poisoning, or homocysteine toxicity. I find it to be impossible to get many patients fully better without this type of work. We test for and treat for these toxins daily and because of this we are proficient. If you are interested in reading about the side-effects of heavy metal poisoning please read the article on toxic metals. Heavy metals are involved in many chronic pain cases and almost all autoimmune and chronic illness problems. Please feel free to call with questions.