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Screening for Heavy Metals

At our clinic we regularly screen for heavy metal toxins, pesticides, and homocysteine. For those patients with serious health problems such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, certain headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndromes, emotional and brain disorders, and almost all auto-immune diseases there is a serious relationship between toxins stored in body tissues and the disease condition. We screen frequently for these toxins and almost always find them. For those interested in reading more about the side effects of toxin exposure please read the health article in the middle column on toxic metals.

Screening for toxins is done in our office and takes about 2 to 5 minutes. It is a non-invasive testing procedure that we use and indications of which metals are found, which body areas affected, and what to do for removing them are available immediately. This testing procedure is included in the cost of the office visit. If deemed necessary or desired by the patient we occasionally do hair analysis with a reputable laboratory or can do urinalysis testing procedures. Each visit during the two to five minutes we screen for indications of aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, copper, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, silver, thallium, tin, titanium, radium, uranium, homocysteine, insecticides, and zinc.

Although testing and treating for removing toxins is life-saving procedure I often find that this process of detoxifying cannot be done before the body is rid of chronic infections first. It also is imperative that liver and kidney function be optimal for allowing toxins to flush out of the body. If the kidneys or liver are under-functioning then all therapy should first be directed at improving functioning of these two organs. Detoxification is dangerous and will most likely be extremely uncomfortable and not continued without proper functioning of these two vital portals of exit from the body.

On first visits to our clinic we most often focus on ridding the body of chronic and acute infections affecting our digestive tract and internal organs. Optimal nutrition is added and kidney and liver function are assessed and treated. Food allergies are identified and corrected also. We do our best to have digestion and elimination pathways working well before the taxing job of detoxifying from heavy metals begins. When the timing is right detoxification is easy, gentle, and brings huge improvements in health.

We continue to screen each patient for heavy metals on return visits and stimulate detoxification for each specific metal. We continue to test and treat until toxins are no longer indicated. Detoxification from heavy burdens of lead, mercury, copper, aluminum, arsenic, titanium, or others can take one to two years. Lighter amounts of toxins can be eliminated rather quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Keep in mind that small amounts of these metals and insecticides are poisons. The severity of health problems relates to the amount of poison in the body. Often the more sick a person is the slower the detoxification needs to be. A relatively healthy person can handle fast and aggressive detoxification. Really sick people absolutely cannot handle aggressive detox procedures. It is imperative that they become substantially healthy first, BEFORE detoxification is implemented. Timing is everything!

I would not have nearly the wonderful results with patients without addressing toxic metals. Several patients have felt like their sanity and lives have been saved by detoxing in the right order and at the correct time from various heavy metals. At our clinic we strive to be a holistic care facility which means we try to cover all the bases of health- mental, physical, and structural. Our whole-person approach must include looking at these pervasive and toxic materials. To read more about how we stimulate detoxification read the title under "detoxification." Please feel free to call with questions.