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Dr. Cone's Newsletter — May 2006

Hello to Everyone from Dr. Cone!

I see that school has started and that has families getting back into the swing of things with a regular routine again. I hope this fall season finds families healthy, energetic, and resistant to the bugs and infections that travel around the schools and work areas. It hopefully will get a little cooler as well and bring some relief from this hot summer. But as always… temperature changes sometimes bring with them colds and the flu. I encourage everyone to stop by the office and get tested for which nutrients your body does best with for being strong and energetic.

Knee and Feet Problems

I am seeing some patients here at the clinic with feet and knee problems. Frequently knee and feet problems are coming from a back problem first. Sometimes a knee or a foot just starts hurting for no real reason. Other times you feel like starting a running program and the challenges of running start to hurt your feet or knees so you decide you can't handle running. Other times it may be that you were walking up stairs and you feel like your knee just sort of popped and you hurt your knee. Or how about "I was walking and just sprained my ankle." Well… 95% of these problems are coming from a back problem first. (I just thought I would say that again.) When the back is not working properly those delicate little nerves that come out of the back get irritated. When that happens then the nerves either start telling your brain that your leg is hurting (for example SCIATICA) or the nerves let some muscles get weak-ish. Not totally weak, just not as strong as normal. Well, when you are walking or running with weak muscles then you are asking to sprain a knee or ankle. So the first order of business for me when people come in with ankle or knee sprains is to check out the back. Sure enough, the nerves are irritated! I frequently check runners or cyclists who are complaining of some knee pain or foot pain and they have a strong, healthy right leg and a weak left leg. This really opens people's eyes and shows the athletes why they are not performing well and why the left leg is hurting. So chiropractic care for the back really helps anything in the legs and feet. Follow the chiropractic care up with some work on the muscles and you feel as good as new….

Weight Loss… Where to Start? Where to Start?

I see a lot of people wanting to lose weight. It is a major problem here in America. One of the problems with losing weight is the fact that there are too many diet books and they often conflict with each other. That is why there seems to be no one particular diet that helps everybody. Some people do well following the advice of the book "Eat Right for Your Blood Type." You may have heard of it. It is an excellent book. Another great book is "The Body Type Diet." Or you may have heard that carbohydrates are bad and to eat lots of protein and fat (Atkins)… Or maybe you have read that carbohydrates are good and protein is bad. In fact you should be a vegetarian (Pritikin). Well I have seen that many people do well with eating with certain guidelines. The question is "which guidelines do I follow?" Well, I would like to offer all of my patients the gift of doing some testing of the nervous system to find out which eating style fits best for your energy levels and also for encouraging weight loss. I compare for patients high protein vs. less protein. I also compare the blood type diet with the body type diet and the dominant glands in the body. I have noticed that many people do not put on weight in the same way. Have you guys noticed this either? Some people have skinny legs and arms but a huge belly. Other people carry all their weight in their hips. Other people are fat all over. I will be happy to discuss these different phenomena with you and recommend a book to get you started on feeling your best. I offer this to all my patients free of charge.

Toxic Metals- a New Way to Get Rid of Them!

I will be offering a new service for patients suffering from toxic burdens in the body. Many people suffering from fatigue, difficult health problems, painful joints, and mental problems have toxic metals or toxic chemicals affecting the body. A brand new way of assisting the body eliminate metals will be available here at the clinic for the first time. The Ion Cleanse bath will be available here in my office starting this month. The Ion Cleanse assists the body by ionizing water in a special way that allows the skin to open up and eliminate toxins through a foot bath. Your jaw will probably hit the floor when you glance down at the water after 20 minutes of reading a book. Very frequently the water has turned black or swamp-water green as well as having sediment on the bottom of the foot bath. This is all related to toxic metals and chemicals coming out of you and into the water. For those people interested in detoxifying from chemicals and metals please call and schedule complimentary detox bath!

Writing a Book… about kids…

Other news- I just wanted to let everyone know that I am mid-way through writing my first book. I haven't decided on the exact title yet but I was thinking of something like "The Best Book Ever Written" or something modest like that… : Actually this book is a practical book for parents who have kids that have chronic health problems. This book is not aimed at the parents who have kids that have a cold once a year and they get over it. Rather, it is aimed at parents who have kids that get ear infections once a month, kids who have asthma, headaches, fatigue, sleeping problems, kids with acne, ADD/ADHD, kids who have to go to the doctor a lot! I am explaining the problems with the current method of looking at our kid's illnesses. I look at a lot of hidden problems that get missed. That is why the kids have CHRONIC health problems--- because the cause of the problem is being missed! I hope to finish it soon and appreciate any encouragement as well as appreciate children's health questions you might like answered. I want to know what parents are curious about. Please drop me an email at for asking questions or feedback! Send me those kid's questions, please!

"I Am Falling Apart"

Another thing that I see in my office rather frequently is people who seem to get aches and pains and get hurt at every chance possible. This is frequently due to ligament problems in the body- the whole body! The reasons that the ligaments have trouble holding up to exercise or even moving around is that they are weak. They get weak when the adrenal glands are over-producing a hormone called cortisol on a constant basis. Your adrenal glands put out cortisol when you are under lots of emotional, chemical, physical, or temperature stress. When cortisol is too high then your ligaments tend to become weak. In this weakened state it is absolutely a bad idea to take up an exercise program to lose weight or "feel better." You will sprain an ankle or knee or back or shoulder because your ligament system is not working right. I encourage anyone who is feeling like they are "falling apart" or if you know someone like this to come by and get a simple exam done to see if adrenal exhaustion and high cortisol levels are behind it. A couple of major stressors for the body are caffeine and sugar. I see adrenal exhaustion as a major reason why people feel like they are getting hurt all the time. This is correctable with nutrition supplements.

Success Story

From 1997 to present I had trouble getting to sleep. Once I was asleep, I had trouble staying asleep. I would wake up sometimes 4 or 6 times during the night. Also, anything would wake me up, the sound of people moving in the next apartment, water coming on… It was very annoying and caused me many difficulties due to lack of rest. I met Dr. Cone and he tested me for nutritional deficiencies and allergies. He recommended a diet and some supplements and after a few weeks it has changed dramatically. I can sleep through the night without waking up once. I feel much more alert and my problems seem to be much less annoying. I am more in control of my life now and I feel much better. Thank you, Dr. Cone! It has been a life-saver. - Jarrett Pulis

I hope to see you soon for any of your healthcare needs that I can help with. May this Fall be the best one ever! -- Dr. Cone

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