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Emotional Support

Often patients who are suffering from physical or chemical diseases are suffering emotionally also. Worry, anger, fear, and uncertainty affect our bodies and usually add to the burden we carry. It is not enough that we have back pain but we must worry about it as well. It is not enough that we have cancer but we must be angry about it as well. It is not enough that we have trouble with pain but we are fearful of the future as well. Does this sound like you? I know it sure sounds like me. We all seem to compound a difficult situation with worries and fears.

It is a fact that our emotional states affect our bodies. Our emotions affect our heart rate, our breathing, the function of our digestive system. Our emotions affect every organ in the body! When we worry, when we are fearful, or when we are angry we cause destructive chemicals to be released into our bodies. We release too much cortisol from our adrenal glands. Negative emotions encourage high blood pressure and change us from being calm and relaxed to being jumpy and ready to fight. Our bodies cannot heal or digest foods if we are emotionally tense. Our sympathetic nervous system needs to be used sparingly, not all the time as in emotionally stressful situations.

Because of the large impact that emotions have on our bodies it is imperative that we support emotional health in as many ways as possible. New research is teaching doctors how to influence acupuncture meridians and in turn change emotional states. Dr. Scott Walker, the originator of Neuro Emotional Technique, teaches how many disease conditions can be changed quickly and permanently with his simple techniques. "Freedom From Fear Forever" and "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" are two books that show doctors how strongly emotions and emotional blocks affect our behavior and our health. Dr. Edward Bach, MD showed us years ago the beneficial effect of certain plant essences on our emotional states. Dr. John Brimhall has shown me how color, sound, and eye movement gives us a great ability to positively affect a person's health. A simple caring attitude from the doctor can strongly influence a patient's return to health as well. It has been shown that patients return to health more quickly if they like, trust, and believe that their doctor really cares for them.

All too often we go for health care and find cold rooms, short visits, and distracted doctors looking after our health. At the Nutritional Healing Center all visits are one-on-one with the doctor, visits are not rushed ranging from 30 minutes to one hour long, and we strive to look into all possible causes of disease conditions, including emotional reasons. Some diseases have at their root a bad home situation that either affects behavior, causing us to harm our bodies, or affects our emotions and these internalize into symptoms. These reasons must be looked at and considered for optimal healing and wellness.

We strive to help each patient tap into their will to live, their will to heal, and their belief that it is possible. It is difficult to heal if you do not want to or do not believe that is possible. We try to help patients release old, negative thinking patterns. We do everything we can to help patients' minds become in tune with the desire of their bodies. We complement emotional support with specific nutritional evaluations, allergy testing, detoxification support, and care for the physical body as well. This is holistic health care. Please feel free to call with questions.