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The Big Picture of Healing

I see some patients for one or two visits and their complaints clear up. Other patients who have more problems and have had them for longer...well, they can heal more slowly - months to years. These patients who have big projects such as turning around poor health start feeling better and better, but they are often not done until 6 months or more. Here is the things I observe in the general timeline of patients getting their health back.

#1) They need to get rid of one or more infections. These are usually chronic infections that are difficult to diagnose or realize that you have them. But you must get rid of them to start feeling better.

#2) If you have food allergies they also need to be avoided to start reducing inflammation and allow the gut to heal. Food sensitivities will clear up over time but food allergies tend to follow us around forever.

#3) Support the liver and kidneys for help with detoxing the die-off of the infections.

#4) Balance hormones, support the heart with nutrition, give nutritional supplements to promote deep healing and recovering.

#5) Lastly, after a while the body starts feeling good and is ready to tackle serious DETOXING. This means clearing our mercury, lead, aluminum, toxins from fillings or crowns, plastic residues, and anything that has been hard to detox over your lifetime. When you finish detoxing these really important toxins then chronic pains finally leave, brain starts working, and your need for supplements really drops down to low levels. This is where you maintain your health because you have done most of the major projects.

#6) Once you are stable then the only thing that can occasionally pop up is help with seasonal allergies, help with recovery from accidents/sprains, or getting over the very RARE stomach bug.

I thought this big picture might help you guys see what I see and maybe you can also understand where you are on this timeline. I hope we all feel great or are heading in the direction of feeling great. Sincerely, Dr. Cone 972-880-8541