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How to break through your weight loss plateau

If you are trying to lose weight and having troubles, you are not alone. Even if you are doing what seems like a "can't lose" diet and some exercise-- you can still not lose weight. Or your friend loses 20 pounds doing the same thing and you lose 1 pound. So, if you are putting a lot of effort into losing weight but no or little results give my office a call (972-880-8541).

I see all the time some hidden problems that sabotage your weight loss goals. Those hidden problems are often:

  • a hidden thyroid problem
  • a hidden infection in the stomach causing inflammation, leaky gut, and hormonal imbalances trouble with detoxing (liver insufficiency, kidney troubles, and toxic fat)
  • a hidden food allergy

Please call the office if you have trouble losing weight. I will do my very best to help you get the gains coming in that you want so much. Also, if you want to watch a 14 video series of lectures on weight loss resistance, please go to the following link:

I hope you are healthy and happy.
Dr. Cone