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Let me help expand your foods you can eat

Hello from Dr. Cone...

Have you ever heard of someone getting tested for food allergies and the test shows that they are allergic to 50 things? That is too much! It often happens because the intestines and digestive system are hyper irritated and leaky gut might be an issue also. Usually a person has a few TRUE food allergies (maybe 2 or 3) and the other 45 foods are just sensitivities and not really a permanent or true allergy. It is a good idea to reduce those foods but the main ones to avoid are the big allergies. The small ones clear up and go away when inflammation reduces.

So what reduces inflammation and allows the 45 other foods to stop being a problem? A few things.
1) avoid the main food allergy (like milk or wheat)
2) clear up infections (parasites, yeast, etc) that are inflaming the intestines.
3) Find if you have a predisposition (genetic) tendency to needing some of the active forms of the B-vitamins. These things reduce gut inflammation and allow you to eat a wide range of foods again.

I don't want anyone to have to eat only ostrich and lima beans. If you are having food allergies or digestive problems, please let me help.

All the best.
Dr. Cone