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Good news for infertility

I have 2 success stories that I wanted to share with everyone about difficulty getting pregnant. You can read them below. I regularly get women coming to the office who want to have a baby and are having a frustrating time with it. I often find that there are some hidden hormone problems that are eluding standard testing by fertility specialists. When you get the hormone problems to balance.. then pregnancy often follows. I love working with women who want to have a baby as well as helping them with cusomized nutrition all the way through to birth. It is very rewarding for me to know I have helped. Please enjoy the short testimonials below:

I couldn't get pregnant for a long time... so I asked Dr. Lewis to help me with this problem. After he checked my health and gave me vitamins. I couldn't believe that it will help me... but just when I finished the first bottle I got pregnant. Big THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, Marina Maximova 7/15/2019

I first saw Dr. Cone a few years ago about a stomach issue I had been dealing with off and on for an entire year. I had been to my primary care doctor twice about the same issue but never found a resolution. Within two months of seeing Dr. Cone I was free of my stomach issues and I haven't looked back since! I also lost 12 lbs. After I got through my stomach problems I came back to see Dr. Cone to see if he could help with the infertility I had been dealing with. I had been trying to get pregnant since 2014. I had seen three separate Fertility Specialists, taken a number of tests, and done at least 6 cycles of fertility treatments but yielded zero pregnancies. After an exam with Dr. Cone I did 30 days of the supplements he recommended and I found out I was pregnant that July! I had seen Dr. Cone at the end of April so it was less than 60 days. He's the real deal. I spent so much money over so many years with doctors trying to solve my problems and, come to find out, my problems were very simple. I'm so happy to have found him! Tiffany Law

If you need help with pregnancy or know someone, please call the office for an exam: 972-388-4734.
Dr. Cone