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How Toxic Metals Affect Your Body, Symptoms, How to Treat It

Toxins - achy areas, chronic problems.

I have had some great results with patients over the last few weeks with detoxing heavy metals. Heavy metals are toxic, single ingredients that you can find on the periodic table. Examples of heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum among others.

Toxic metals accumulate most often slowly. They build up over a lifetime. Occasionally a person can be exposed to something toxic and then they get sick quickly...but more often it is the daily exposure to toxins and chemicals that builds up these irritants. One source of mercury for many people is the "silver fillings" that people get at the dentist's office. These fillings are composed of mercury and silver...and the mercury never leaks out according to studies. It never leaks out unless you chew or swollow anything hot. The studies that showed mercury never leaches or evaporates out of the filling were done on cadavers (dead people). And last I heard, dead people weren't chewing and grinding their teeth together nor were they sipping coffee or eating warm soup. So, actually, in living people...mercury leaks out and gets in your body and causes lots of problems.

When mercury shows up as a problem for someone, we need to detox it out of the body or brain...AND you might need to have your mercury amalgam fillings replaced with something non-toxic instead. And replace your fillings one at a time, never in quadrants as I have seen too many people get sick when they go too fast with removing fillings.

I am glad to say that a patient who was having seizures has stopped as soon as she started detoxing mercury. And other patients have reported chronic pain that had been there for decades starting to fade away as the toxins leave joints or muscles. Others have reported finally getting their memory back and not having fuzzy thinking anymore. They get their sharp, working brain back after being in a fog.

Toxic metals can cause many, many symptoms but I most often think of them as causing pains or affecting the brain and nerves. Pain can be anywhere. Weird symptoms like feeling ants on your skin or feeling numb, tingling, or weird sensations are because toxins are in the nerve or in the brain causing troubles.

Detoxing metals is not a 2 year process as other doctors say on their websites. I more often find that detoxing a particular metal takes around 2 months or less. I like to see people every 2 weeks to check to see if their liver or kidneys are getting overloaded and occasionally adjust doses or support a place where there is a bottleneck.

If you know someone who is suffering from chronic and/or weird symptoms or pains, please have them call my office for a consultation. I would love to meet them and speak for them without any charge and discuss their case.

All the best. Dr. Cone 972-880-8541