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The Two Phases to Being Sick: Active Infection and Then Detox

I just wanted to let everyone know what my office is open if you are sick. So please come over to the office for a checkup. You don't have to wait until you are better to come by. If you feel you have the flu or covid, please come for a checkup. I want you to get better fast rather than suffer for a week or two. Traditionally the flu lasts a few days to a few weeks. For Covid, I have seen most people get over it in about 2 days if they get checked for what nutrients they need to fight it off. Most people who get Covid don't have any symptoms at all (and that doesn't make for a good news story). But if you do get symptoms, please drop by for a checkup. Where else in Dallas can you go the same day for an appointment and they welcome you if you have a cough? Covid postitive? Come on by! Got the flu? Drop by for a checkup. Your allergies are killing you? Come on down and lets find what you need. Your stomach is feeling queasy and you are throwing up? Come by. You have diarrhea and want a check up? Come by. Sore throat? Sinus troubles? Please...make an appointment and come for a checkup. No need to be shy. I won't get sick from you and when you are feeling bad is when you need help. Just wear a mask if you are coughing and wash your hands know. Regular stuff.

So, now that I hammered that to last point I wanted to make about being sick. There are usually 2 phases to being sick. The first phase is when the infection is active. You usually have a fever and feel achy or something like that. The second phase of being sick is when your body has killed the infection but you still feel bad. The trouble with this phase is that you need different stuff to help you than you needed in the first phase. The first phase of being sick is the infection part. You need herbs or vitamins to help kill the infection. The second phase is when the infection is dead but you feel tired or you are coughing, congested, headache, tired, etc. This phase usually tests to NOT need herbs for the infection but to need lots of herbs or vitamins for detoxing...for helping get the phlegm and mucous out of the lungs, or to help the kidneys or liver process all the inflammatory stuff that was produced while you were sick. And when you kill the infections, does that mean their little dead bodies are gone? No, they don't magically evaporate. These little infection buggers need to be degraded and flushed out. They are like little toxic bombs. When they die then they pop and release chemicals that are generally noxious. So, after you kill the infection you need to clean up lots of junk. That is the coughing, sneezing, achy phase. If you are having trouble with this phase, I often find people need around 15-20 grams of vitamin C or lots of magnesium. People can also need kidney or liver support which is very individualized. If your being sick seems to be lingering, there is probably something not working right with detoxing. If you need help with that, drop by and lets get it finally finished.

I hope all of you are doing well. I am doing well and love helping people who are feeling bad. I love when people come in feeling gloomy and we find some things to do for your condition and then they leave with a smile or actually laughing. Sincerely, Dr. Cone 972-880-8541