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Why Would You Have Parasites Still After You Treated for Parasites?

Hello from Dr. Cone. I hope this week before Christmas finds you healthy and happy. The weather is in full swing from hottish to cool and then windy and then foggy. With this is coming allergies in high amounts, mostly mountain cedar. My wife (who is doing much better after her car crash) mentioned that she was getting a cough. When someone is getting a cough it is usually only 2 causes- either you are getting an infection.. or air allergies. For my wife, it was air allergies. So, I wanted to mention that during this winter season you or friends or family can start to get a cough, sneezy, sore throat, sinus congestion, and even get a bit feverish. This is called "cedar fever" for people who have lived in Texas awhile.

When people get allergies during any season, or if they have constant allergies, then they have problems with the liver or with the adrenal glands. When you support these organs then the allergies clear up. You don't need life-long allergy shots. You need to get your liver or adrenals strengthened. Keep that in mind. If you have worse symptoms in your house, there is a chance that your house has some mold in the air of your home and it can also cause upper respiratory symptoms.

A short success story...a new patient came in that has had digestive issues for 15 years. He has been to countless doctors and tried every approach possible to fix his stomach. The symptoms range from bowel urgency to just stomach pains, gas, and now constipation. I asked this patient if he had been this way all his life and he said "no." This made a bell go off in my head. When someone has a problem start for no obvious reason on a specific date...(it can be stomach problems, fatigue, pain or anything really)...then I find that this start of troubles coincides with an infection that they got at that time. The list of symptoms from parasite, yeast, or bad bacteria in the gut is a long list of symptoms and most of them don't make you feel classically "sick". So I tested this new patient and found parasites. He said that he had treated parasites a few years ago and thought that since he didn't get better that it couldn't be parasites causing his troubles. Often the trouble with treating infections is that you don't use enough of the correct herb...or you don't use the correct herb...or you don't treat long enough...or all 3 combined. So you can take the correct herb with the directions stated on the bottle and you need 10 times the amount and for 6 weeks. But you don't know that and you just follow the bottle instructions. So, many many times I still find parasites or yeast even when MD's have tested for infections or even when someone says they did a "parasite cleanse" or "candida treatment". I still find trouble all the time. The new patient went home extremely happy and we will see him for a follow up soon. I am always glad to find infections because I am good at helping the body kick them out...and then you feel a lot better. I am not happy that you have an infection. I am glad to identify it and get rid of it...It is frustrating when you don't know what is causing your problems.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Stay happy, eat your veggies, and love each other. All the best to you all. Dr. Cone 972-880-8541