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What is behind E.D. for men?

I wanted to share with the men... or women who care about their men, what is often behind erectile dysfunction. It is a problem for some men and it should be talked about more. As usual, this problem is really just a symptom of something else that is not working well. It is commonly missed by the medical profession. Care to take a guess what organ is most often having troubles when a man has E.D.? It is the heart.

The heart is the pump that must be working well to keep an erection sustained. And sometimes men and women have a heart that is structurally sound... but it is missing some nutrients. It is similar to a car that is in perfect working order but just out of gas. The same can be said for the heart. The heart can pass tests for coronary artery obstruction or EKG testing... and yet still be poorly functioning because it is tired. I frequently get patients who have heart symptoms but an A+ from the medical doctor for their heart health. I test and commonly find that the heart needs some nutrients and it is not at its best.

A tired heart will not let perform well athletically. People feel tired or can't recover quickly from workouts. A tired heart can give pain symptoms into the neck, back, arms, and even into the legs... by the way, the pains or most often on the left side of the body. A tired heart will sometimes have you feeling like you can't get enough air. You can feel a tight chest, slightly numb fingers, and often symptoms are worse at night. It can be difficult to sleep deeply. You can get out of breath easily. And for men, it can be hard to sustain an erection. So, logically the therapy must be aimed at finding what the heart needs for better energy, better function.

That is what I do. I test and try to identify what nutrients are low in the body... and the heart is the king. It needs to be well-fed for a person to feel good, youthful, and active.. no matter your age. If I can help. Please call the office. 972-880-8541.
All the best,
Dr. Cone