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Overlooked symptoms of heart in distress

Hello from Dr. Cone...

I am getting good feedback from people who saw my recent post about thyroid symptoms. I will continue and do a series of short newsletters talking about the most common symptoms of the most common organs that have troubles. Those organs are the thyroid, heart, liver/gall bladder, and kidneys. There are (of course) many more organs but those are the ones that seem to be under stress the most. The digestive tract is an important system but it usually is a simple fix. It either needs to have an infection removed or to avoid a food allergy. So I will focus on the other 4 major organs. So, here we go! Common symptoms of a heart problems (even if your heart test shows "ok")....

  • Pains, pains,pains...
  • pain or heaviness in chest
  • pain in left shoulder
  • painful elbows
  • painful hands
  • painful or tight neck
  • painful low back
  • painful legs
  • It is more common to have pains on left side of the body
  • snoring
  • feel short of breath
  • don't feel like exercising
  • tired
  • restless legs at night
  • can't sleep well even if you are tired
  • athletes who are not performing at their best (usually need heart nutrition)
  • feeling of weakness in arms or legs
  • men can have ED or erection difficulties
  • painful arms at night only (can't get comfortable)
  • headaches on one side of head

These are the common symptoms. As I mentioned, many people come to me after a visit to their cardiologist. The cardiologist says everything looks good" but still there can be some functional problems with the heart. It is really common to be nutritionally deficient in something that the heart needs. Many people (including me) need to be on some maintenance nutritional support for the heart. I would love to help anyone who is feeling unwell, especially if this list of symptoms jogged your memory or seems pertinent.

If you know of someone with symptoms on this list. Please have them email me or call. 972-880-8541

All the best.
Dr. Cone