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What good stuff is happening in the office...

Hello from Dr. Cone...

I just want to be a source of positive news for people in the DFW area. Good news is that I have learned of an improved way to screen for hidden infections. My main test kit is proving to miss screenings for possible infections... so I have been testing 2 other companies and these other companies are testing quite well. This is helping e to identify infections that were being missed. nothing slows down health gains more than a hidden infection. If you would like me to screen for this with the 2 new companies I am using then just give the office a call. After infections are cleared out then progress for allergies, hormone balancing, energy production and detoxing go much more smoothly.

Other good news...

Are you worried about the Covid Vaccine? Well, if you end up needing to take it for travel or work or you just want to take it-- please drop by the office a few days after you get the vaccine. Some people report side-effects and I want to help. Usually I find that people need help with detoxing after this and then report feeling much better. So what is the good news? Well, I am wanting to calm people's fears that you may have some long-term harm. Our bodies are amazing. And if you give them support they can usually shake off a stressor like a vaccine and keep on going. I am here for post-vaccine support for everyone.

And... if you don't want the vaccine - good news also! Most people who have a strong immune system shake off exposure to Covid or process and fight it off in a day or two. The patients that I have tested and made recommendations for seem to shake off Covid in about 2 or 3 days. If you want a strong immune system drop by the office to get checked for what vitamins and minerals would benefit you. If you feel you are coming down with anything... also drop by the office. I will test for what you need to shake it off. You are not alone. I am here to help.

And summer is here. It is hot. There are some allergies in the air. People have stomach problems or hormones get out of balance year-round. Life goes on. If you want some help for long term problems or something has happened recently, please drop by and I would love to help. All the best to you.
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