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What is Psych-K and what is it useful for?

I wanted to let everyone know that I am doing Youtube videos on various topics. If you enjoy watching a video to learn something then please look me up on Youtube. I have about 75 or so videos now ranging from topics like infections, why people have pain, covering the various types of infections, how to balance hormones, and many others. I also am beginning to interview people who are at the top of their field in areas of health care and worth learning from them.

Here is a link to a video I just made that discusses Psych-K... a technique for helping shift our hidden negative unconscious beliefs. Psych-K stands for "psychology Kinesiology":

Our unconscious mind guides us much more strongly than our conscious mind. If we want something consciously but unconsciously there is a conflicting belief, then you won't take action to get what you want. Psych-K is a quick way to flush out our hidden unconscious beliefs that are sabotaging our progress towards goals or the general way we feel. It can change your life profoundly in one visit because it can allow your limiting beliefs to shift... in one visit. I explain it much more in the video. Take a minute to watch it.

After watching the video, please like it or subscribe to my channel. This helps to grow my channel and help spread what I think are common-sense approaches to health care... and I think we need more common sense approaches desperately at this time.

All the best to everyone.
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