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Details on what, when, and where to detox

Hello from Dr. Cone...

What is detoxing?

It seems like a vague idea and I wanted to clarify a few points about it. First, we need to detoxify all the time. Every food we eat on the planet has some bad stuff that we need to eliminate after we absorb the good stuff. For example, tomatoes have a poison in them called "solanine" and at high doses it can kill you. Luckily tomatoes have low doses and we can eliminate the little that they have. Secondly, we produce toxins just by being alive. Our metabolism produces toxic by-products such as carbon dioxide or others you may have heard of.

We need to detox those daily as well. And then you can increase the toxin load into overdrive if you start eating foods with artificial colors, artificial flavors, foods that were sprayed with strong pesticides (thanks Monsanto) or prescription drugs. And on top of that, you might have a one-time exposure to high toxins such as if you have your house fumigated and you breathe some of the fumes in... or if someone shoots you with a poison dart...

So... we need to DETOX ALL THE TIME. You hear about people wanting to do "a cleanse" or "a detox". That is actually great! And yet at the same time you need to detox ALL THE TIME, not just during a "cleanse".

Some people have livers, kidneys, or other systems that are genetically weak. Or they might have been overloaded and the liver is tired. Or kidneys working at less than normal levels after a kidney infection. So, many times people need a boost with help for detoxing. Cleaning these toxins out really helps with feeling great, better energy, and less pain. Kids with ADHD or learning difficulties really need detoxing help. Detoxing is one of the things I love to assist with.

If you would like any help with detoxing, call the office for a check-up with me.
Dr. Cone