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Rash and weight loss plateau

2 Success stories:

Patient 1 - a man can in to my office and wanted help (if possible) with guttate psoriasis. In my mind I was thinking "what is this? I never heard of it." But upon questioning he shared with me what it is. It is an uncurable type of rash that pops up and no one seems to know why or how to cure it. This (for him) was all over his legs and not itchy... but lots of red spots. So I just did my normal applied kinesiology testing. What showed up? Parasites. Parasites cause most of the weird rashes... no matter what name is given to them. Other rashes can be caused by mold exposure or yeast infections but 80% of rashes come from parasites in my experience. I found that niacinamide seemed helpful as well as Mimosa, an herb. Both of these things are helpful when the body is struggling with infections. I heard from his significant other that the rash is now clearing up and going away.

Patient 2 - a lady came in that had been losing weight with some exercise and eating better. Except that it had stopped working. She still had more weight to lose but all gains had just stopped even though she was doing a good amount of exercise and eating well. So why? I tested her and her liver was testing as overloaded. I found that choline was helpful. She later reported that weight loss had picked up again at about one pound per week. It is really common when losing weight that toxins are released as well as fat. When the fat cells shrink they dump fatty acids as well as any "trash" that has been stored in the fat cells. When the detoxing from the "trash" overloads the liver it screams "halt" to all further fat loss until the liver gets over being overloaded. Please keep that in mind for your friends who are stuck on a weight loss plateau.

Dr. Cone