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It just started... Ragweed season

I wanted to give a heads up to the Dallas area/north Texas area residents.. ragweed season is starting. That means that many people will have symptoms of:

  • itchy eyes
  • sore throat
  • sneezing/couging
  • tired
  • even a mild fever can happen

If you would like some help I am here. I do find the late summer season keeps me busy with helping people with allergies. Ragweed season generally lasts until it starts to get colder such as in October... but then mountain cedar allergy season starts soon after that. Let me help you or someone you know with customized vitamin or herbal therapy to get your immune system supported and calming down. Allergy relief is one of the things I have gotten good at over the years of practice here in Dallas. I hope everyone is feeling great this summer. If any health problems that I can assist with, please call 972-880-8541. All the best to you! Dr. Cone