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My thoughts on the one, best thing to change your overall health...

Hello from Dr. Cone...

I often wonder what would be the best thing I can do for someone if I could only do one thing. After some thinking I have come up with the answer--- get someone tested for food allergies. After all, if we know what foods are bad for us then we can change our life permanently with that information. All other health approaches are great (detoxing, nutritional deficiencies, removing infections, balancing hormones) but.. food allergies would be the thing I would really do if I could only see a person one time.

That happens sometimes when someone is from out of town and can only see me for one visit. I pay special attention to food allergies since I may never see them again. That is the thing that can change someone's life for the better PERMAMENTLY with only one visit.

I can test someone for food allergies here at the office with applied kinesiology/muscle testing, which is awesome. I can also do food allergy testing with blood testing and that is helpful to do a deeper test over about 100 food types. The blood testing for food allergies can be done with a mail test kit that I send you. If someone lives far away and wants help, consider getting a blood test done through the mail and lab results in about 10 days. That can really change someone's life for the better.

I had a patient this week come to me for help with weight loss. We tested her for food allergies and found her sensitive to all milk products, corn, and gluten. Now those things can really affect your body causing a lot of inflammation, weight gain, and hormone disruption. The patient shared with me that she can lose weight as long as she does NO carbohydrates bu then gives up and just starts eating everything again and can't sustain it. With what we found, I expect that she will soon start losing weight again but can enjoy fruits, rice, oats, quinoa, buckwheat... a more varied and DO-able diet for inflammation reduction and weight loss as a bonus. Weight gain is usually a symptom of systemic inflammation plus hormonal imbalances. We will see.. Patient was ecstatic to have some direction and encouragement. And it hinged upon food allergies.

If you need any help, please call me. I will be glad to help.

All the best.
Dr. Cone