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What to do to Lose Weight?

Weight loss comes down to a few things: diet, exercise, hormones, and detoxing ability.

Diet: for some people the diet is key. You have to eat what is considered "clean" other words, more salads, more lean meats, no fried foods, less sugar and alcohol. You might also try the keto diet or lean towards vegetarian. But for other people the diet can also mean to avoid food allergies. If you are allergic to wheat and don't know it, then a low-fat chicken sandwich will not be good for your weight loss goals...because the wheat in the bun is causing you troubles. And you can't eat a "healthy" low-fat cheese if you are allergic to milk. So get checked for food allergies. I can help check for your food allergies.

Exercise: usually people who want to lose weight benefit from exercise -- but it is less important than people think. You can't easily lose weight by walking or jogging if you have problems with your diet or hormones or detoxing. I suggest that you find exercise that you actually enjoy...lose the weight and then keep it off by continuing to exercise or be active. Go to the gym if you like it. Walk. Ride your bicycle regularly. Become a tennis fanatic. Walk the golf course instead of driving in the cart.

Hormones: If you have a hormone imbalance then losing weight can be almost impossible even if you are eating well and exercising. The thyroid gland is the most common troublemaker although the adrenal glands can have problems as well. Balance the hormones and weight loss starts to happen. I can help balance the hormones if there is a problem.

Detoxing: rather often when people are losing weight they hit a plateau. This is most often the problem with the liver. The liver has to handle the released fat as well as released toxins coming out with the fat. So when the liver gets overloaded it sends a signal to "stop all fat loss." You just can't lose any more weight when the liver gets overloaded. Nutritional support for the liver (or kidneys) can help break through a plateau. I will help with this if necessary.

If you are having trouble getting started with weight loss or have hit a plateau, please call the office. I would love to help. Dr. Cone 972-880-8541