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Cottonwood allergies are here and I can help!

Hello from Dr. Cone...

I looked outside my office today and it looked like it was snowing. There are so many puffy seeds from the cottonwood trees this week in the air that it is amazing. And you know what also is amazing? The amount of allergies this stuff is causing people! If you are noticing you have itchy eyes, runny nose, drainage down the back of the throat, sneezing, or even wheezing or coughing- call the office to make an appointment. During allergy season people need more of certain nutrients. I want to test for what you need during this sneeze-fest and help anyone get back to normal and calm down your allergies. I have great results with calming allergies and each season brings new people in.

By the way, I just released a video talking about the corona virus and what things to try for staying sane, poking fun (just a little bit) of standard care's approach to when you "get the corona", and what to do for prevention or helping if you have any viral problem. Please go watch it immediately because I put some mild effort into recording it. :)

If you enjoy watching informative videos please subscribe. I have recorded videos on ADD, thyroid problems, leaky gut, weight loss resistance, and infertility with more coming each week. Please subscribe and help my channel grow.

I am not going to end by saying "stay safe" during this year of the Corona. I hear that enough. Let's laugh some. Stay happy. Dr. Cone