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Some common health reasons

Hello and Happy New Year for 2021 from Dr. Cone! I want to wish everyone a happy, prosperous, sane, and healthy next year. It has been a little slow getting a short newsletter out but I want to be more regular with encouraging news, new findings, and also some videos on youtube. The last few months have been very good for me in the sense of learning new and improved testing techniques, especially helpful for chronic conditions coming from genetic variations that we all have. I am always experimenting on myself first and I am happily noticing a much better mood and energy for myself. That is welcome indeed.

I wanted to start the year off with a summary of what I am finding causes health problems. So, here goes...

  • low immune system function (leading to allergies and infections)
  • slow detox abilities (leading to feeling achy and tired and toxic)
  • poor digestion (leading to food allergies and stomach problems and inflammation)
  • not enough anti-oxidants (leading to inflammation throughout the whole body and skin)
  • hormones out of balance (feelings of tiredness, depression, anxiety, anger, hunger, trouble losing weight, libido low, pregnancy difficulties, menstrual cycle difficulties)
  • energy production is off for heart or other systems (tired, achy, can't catch your breath, exercise is too hard, spinal problems, sciatica)

These are the main things that I find causing troubles. I am making a subtle shift in how I present it these days to my patients and myself. In the past, I would say: "you have an infection, lets find an herb that can kill the infection so you can feel better." Now I am tending to wonder why your immune system is weak and allowed you to get an infection. So, of course I want to support your body getting rid of THIS infection but I also want to strengthen your immune system to help it not get another infection... to stop the infection-merry go round, so to speak. I am wanting to handle the crisis of the moment (as usual) but I am trying to get down to the deep, maintenance stuff... the genetic tendencies. If you get those supported, then supplements stabilize, need for office follow-ups calms down, and things just smooth out and people feel great.

I want us all to feel healthy and happy. I am here for anyone needing a good check up. All the best to you and your families. Call if I can be of help.
Dr. Cone