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Symptoms of the Tail End of Infections

I had the pleasure of helping someone who was sick last week. It was probably a cold or maybe flu...or who actually knows. But with the test kits I use it was showing a response to virus. I tested her for what she needed to help her immune system...a few vitamins at "sick level" doses and an herb or two. She then called the office and requested a re-check about 3 days later. When she came in for a re-check she said she got very quickly better with the supplements I gave her. So why did she need a re-check? She said she got almost 100% better and then she had the feeling she was relapsing. So I checked her again.

This time she showed no reaction to virus at all. And no reaction to ANY sample of infections I could check for. So what was going on? She had an overloaded lymphatic system. Basically, I think she had killed the virus and now needed some assistance in clearing out all the mucous and toxic junk that is created when you are sick. It is actually a much better state to be in than actively sick. We tested her for what she needed at this time and she no longer tested to need any of the supplements for helping that had shown up 3 days before. At this time it happened to be very high levels of vitamin high? 15,000 mg per day.

In my experience this is a common occurrence. You fight off an infection but you still feel congested or tired...and that is because you now are in detoxing overload and you need some help. When people get the right support for the detoxing phase- people report that they can breathe again, sinuses open up, cough stops, and achyness clears up. I thought this was an interesting case study and hope you can stick it in your memory banks for the future. Over 23 years of seeing people I think the common cold is actively a virus for the first 30% and then the last 70% of feeling still sick is detoxing.

If anyone needs help with strengthening their immune system so they can fight off something faster...please just call the office and come on in. Don't be nervous that you will get me sick. You won't. And you need help the most when you feel bad. I am here if anyone needs help.

Sincerely, Dr. Cone 972-880-8541