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What approaches to help naturally balance blood sugar

I had a patient recently come to my office for help with balancing blood sugar. She was on at least 2 prescription drugs that cost over $1000 per month with insurance help. And on top of that they were not helping. I wanted to overview what I have found with her since that also shows a trend in other people as well.

First, we checked for hidden infections. That can be a huge burden on the pancreas. None seemed to show up. On the first visit with screening it showed that her thyroid and liver were needing some nutritional support. So we gave it.

On second visit she reported that she was

  1. sleeping better
  2. less anxiety
  3. bloating was gone
  4. hot flashes gone
  5. moods were normal

On second visit her body showed that it was time to work on the pancreas. When we checked it showed a food allergy as being a part of the problem- milk and cheese. So I advised her to avoid all cow dairy products. We also found a vitamin and mineral that would be helpful for supporting her pancreas. So we sent her home with the assignment to change her diet some as well as add in 2 new nutrients.

I wanted to share this little example of how the body works. It did not need pancreas support first. And it was not only take supplements, but avoid a food allergy as well. It could easily have been found to have an infection burden as well but not in this example.

I find that standard health care rarely even checks for foods as being a piece of the puzzle for diabetes or other conditons. And also rarely are supplements suggested, just $700 co-pay and $300 co-pay drugs.

If this natural approach to balancing blood sugar sounds like something you would enoy, please call my office. I am here to help. 972-880-8541

Dr. Cone