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It has been busy with allergies this week

Hello, from Dr. Cone. These last few weeks have been wonderful with great weather... and at the same time it has brought with it an unusually high amount of sneezing and allergy symptoms. I mostly deal with allergy patients in late summer and winter but this spring seems to be quite full of pollens.

If anyone you know is having a lot of trouble with allergies, please let them know that is one thing I work with a lot. I will often find that the adrenal glands or liver need supporting... then allergy symptoms just fade away. A well-balanced body doesn't have allergy symptoms. So, when you are sneezing, your defenses are low. It is my job to find out where and then support your natural defenses.

Interestingly, support for infections/low immune system are the same support for allergies. Why? Because the immune system is involved with both infections and allergies. So a strong immune system keeps infections at bay as well as minimal or no allergy responses.

I hope we all have a great spring. I am here if you need me.
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