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What is Psych-K?

Hello from Dr. Cone! I wanted to discuss Psych-K (which stands for psychology kinesiology) a little bit more. I have had fun recently doing more work with this on individuals and families and teenagers. Psych-K basically is a way to muscle test if we are congruent with statements that we make. It basically checks to see if we deeply believe what we are saying. I can say "I am handsome" but if I unconsciously think I am ugly... then this disagreement will cause troubles. And all the time the unconscious belief is the winner. So...good luck having healthy relationships with your spouse, children, or co-workers if you don't believe it is possible. And good luck having a nice life if you don't think you deserve a nice life or if you don't love yourself! Can you see how our unconscious beliefs can sabotage our conscious efforts and goals?

We tend to attract what we believe in. If we believe that people are bad, then we notice the bad things in people or bring out the bad things in people. If we believe people are good then we notice the good things in people or help people to express the goodness in themselves when they are around us.

If I want to lose can I lose weight if I don't even love myself? Or if I think I will become arrogant and unkind if I look good? Consciously we want to look good...but if we think that looking good will ruin our life...then for sure we can't lose weight.

For teenagers (or any really), how about feeling confident? Or worthy to be heard or speak up in social situations? How about feeling confident with who you are? How about feeling smart or feeling confident beginning to choose your direction in life? Those things come up often in teenage years.

Or how about trust? If we have been hurt then perhaps unconsciously we have the belief that we should never trust anyone again. That will sabotage your business and personal relationships and your behavior will be overly guarded. It is hard to blossom and grow if we have some limiting beliefs. Some of the limiting beliefs we can have are:

  • I am not lovable
  • I can't trust anyone
  • Life is dangerous
  • I can never relax
  • I am not safe
  • Money is impossible to master
  • I am unworthy of anything good
  • I am not important
  • People always do bad things to me
  • I never have any luck
  • I am unhealthy
  • I am not smart
  • I am shy
  • Change is painful
  • I can't forgive a certain person
  • I will not get the promotion at work
  • I can't be rich
  • I can't stop smoking
  • Women (or men) don't find me attractive
  • Covid will get me!!!
  • I am fragile...

And you can have many, many more. These limiting beliefs can hurt us because they control our actions. They affect how we behave around others and how we treat ourselves. And they are hard to work on because often we don't really know what our unconscious beliefs even are...after all, they are below our usual thought level.

With muscle testing we can check our beliefs. And when we find one that is limiting you then we can easily make shifts in a few minutes. These shifts can then allow our brains and behavior to let in the things that we want. I love doing this work with anyone who wants it. It only takes 30 minutes. If you would like to try this out then please just schedule a usual appointment. Let me know when I see you that it is for this Psych-K and I will put aside the herbs and vitamins to focus on your sabotaging beliefs. It has been life-changing for me and I know it can be for you as well.

All the best you this December! Dr. Cone 972-880-8541