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News from my office and house

I just wanted to let everyone know my holiday schedule:

  • Week before Christmas (Open Monday to Friday)
  • Week between Christmas and New Years (Open Monday to Wednesday)
  • Week after New Years (Open Thursday to Saturday)
  • Usual weeks after holidays- (Open Monday to Saturday)

For a while I am opening up more Fridays and Saturdays if you need care on those days. If you need something please don't be shy to email me at or you can text me on my personal cell at (972)388-4734...text only please. I can call you back if needed or I can text a reply. If you need some care after an accident then let me know. If you are getting sick- please come to the office. That is when you need care most in order to stop from going into full-blown sick. I won't get sick from you. Don't be shy and come on in. I will even accept you in pajamas. :)

Just for laughs... This is a true story and just happened to us. My wife loves a clean house. After some errands, my wife came back to our house and one of our two puppies had a little diarrhea accident... 5 times in different rooms. She was very frustrated because it was smelly and dirty. So she cleaned it up and got some of the spray stuff that removes odors. She sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more where all 5 of the messes had been. After sensing something was not right she looked at the bottle of odor remover and realized that it was the wrong bottle. She had been spraying squirrel repellant (which has a similar looking bottle). Squirrel repellant is comprised of lots of stinky stuff like rotten eggs. It claims to be able to scare away any animal in the world from the smell of it...So, please keep us in your prayers as we burn down our house and find a new place to live. :)

Dr. Cone
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