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How to Take Care of Yourself After a Car Crash

Hello to everyone from Dr. Cone! I wanted to touch on the topic of injuries and specifically car accidents. My wife was in a car crash yesterday so it is on my mind. She is ok but is shaken up. I want to use this experience to share what is needed after a car crash or some accident.

First thing is that you need to evaluate if you need to go to the hospital and get some care there or X-rays. Most people feel shaken up after a car crash but don't usually feel bad, only scared. If you do decide to go to the hospital and get checked out then you possibly need some care there. I will focus on just feeling extremely banged up.

The next day you will feel substantially more sore. Your soreness doesn't peak until a day or more after the crash. Your muscles will feel strained and your neck or shoulders or back can have pain. So, what do you do at this time? I will share with you what I did for my wife. Since the accident happened in front of my office, when things calmed down I just walked her into my office and did a checkup for her. How convenient is that?

What do you think the first thing that her body showed to need? Nutrition? Massage? Chiropractic adjustments? No, it was emotional support. Her body was in a state of shock and all arm strength was weak. What helped her get out of the shock was 2 Bach Flower Remedies. These are life-savers when there has been a shock. An accident is scary, shocking, painful...all of that. So she needed 2 flower remedies first.

The second thing was not chiropractic adjustments. The second thing was nutrition for the heart. The heart has something similar to a mini-heart attack during and right after a car accident. It is not a true heart attack, but huge heart stress. The heart rate skyrockets and that is hard on your heart and circulatory system. So, right after an accident the main thing is usually nutritional support for the heart. Later, nutritional support can transition into nutrients that help with sprains and tendon/ligament healing.

And lastly she checked to need a few light adjustments with an activator. An activator is the little clicker tool that chiropractors use to tap certain spots over the spine and help realign the vertebra. Did you notice that it showed up last? I find it interesting. As a chiropractor I often think that accident = chiropractic adjustments. But in this case (and most cases) the priority is for emotional support and nutritional support first and chiropractic care last. I would not know this without experience and testing, testing, testing thousands of patients with applied kinesiology. Oh… and also rest and ice when you get home. Almost forgot that.

My wife is getting better and she will be fine. If anyone has an accident then please get some chiropractic care for the spine. And also get some care for the emotional shock to the system and nutritional support for healing. I will help with the emotional and nutritional support. For chiropractic care I refer patients to 2 great chiropractors- Lance Wright, DC or James Tucker, DC.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I am trying to focus on gratitude that my wife is alive rather than focusing on our damaged car. It is a learning experience for sure. Following Thanksgiving, I am actually grateful that all is ok. Cars can be fixed or replaced. People cannot.

All the best. Dr. Cone 972-880-8541