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What are symptoms of thyroid problems?

Hello from Dr. Cone...

I wanted to share symptoms that I am finding when people have thyroid problems. The thyroid may show that it is out of balance when you get a blood test... or it may show "all ok". But many times I find hidden problems with the thyroid gland even when blood tests show "normal". Here are some of the top symptoms:

  • can't stay asleep-- toss and turn all night
  • can't seem to fall asleep
  • exhausted evenafter lots of sleep
  • headaches
  • thinning hair
  • cold all the time
  • can't lose weight even when you exercise and eat well
  • depression/moody/feeling hopeless
  • panic attacks/anxiety
  • heart arrythmia- heart keeps skipping beats
  • neck or spine pain
  • feeling like a lump in your throat/trouble swallowing
  • constipation
  • menstrual cycle irregularities- too short cycle, too long cycle, no cycle, too much bleeding
  • trouble getting or staying pregnant
  • blood sugar imbalances- low blood sugar/diabetes
  • Not feeling sexual

The thyroid is the "boss" of the rest of the body. If it is out of balance then many other systems in the body have problems as well. The way to get the thyroid functioning better is to remove any irritants that might be attacking the thyroid (hidden infections, toxins, allergic reactions)... or to give the thyroid nutrients that it is lacking. Mostly it is a combination of both. I do see many people no longer need hormone replacement therapy after their thyroid finally receives the support it needs for proper functioning.

If you know of someone with symptoms on this list. Please have them email me or call.

All the best.
Dr. Cone