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Infertility is a growing problem these days and extremely frustrating when you want to have a baby. I have helped women solve the riddle of infertility and want to share a quick insight into what I have seen going on in most cases. I am talking right now about when the problem with the infertility is from the woman, not the man. In this case, almost all of the time there is an obvious or hidden problem with the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland is working better then the reproductive system also works better. A dysfunctional thyroid gland is most of the time involved in these cases of unable to conceive, unable to maintain a pregnancy (miscarriages), excessive bleeding with menstruation, spotting during random times, long cycles, short cycles, etc. The thyroid gland may not be the only thing holding back the reproductive system though. There can be several stressors slowing things down.

I have also seen a few cases where a food allergy was key in getting someone to feel better. The body puts reproduction on the back burner when there is some stress on the system as a whole. So, in order to have a healthy pregnancy I want to make sure a woman is healthy. I want to make sure she has no hidden infections such as parasites or yeast infections lurking in the intestines. I want to make sure that there are no food allergies causing inflammation and dysfunction anywhere. I want to address any nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes people need a little help with converting their vitamins to usable forms… this is a genetic problem with methylation. We test to see what is needed and sometimes a customized vitamin program is designed around our weaknesses so we can feel vibrant and enjoy life (and have babies).

Please call the office at 972-880-8541 if you would like help with your health through natural medicine and balancing hormones. I look forward to helping you.