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How to protect yourself from extra radiation of 5G phones and towers

5G is coming upon us and will most likely bring increased ease of communications but also some unpleasant side-effects because 5G will bring increased radiation to our environment. Our phones, if yours is 5G compatible, must be able to send information very quickly... but also things such as cell towers and other phones will be sending information to us very quickly as well. If you think about it, if you decided to throw your phone in the river... you would still be around all the cell towers and other people's phones that are putting out their signals (radiation). So, let's be smart about this issue.

I recommend a few things. First, get tested to see if your own cell phone or radiation is an issue for you. We can test that with applied kinesiology here at the office. If it is bothering you, you want to do 3 things. First, you want to get some way to moderate or lessen the effects of your own phone on your body. I recommend some little discs from a website: Go there and track down the little discs that you can put on the back of your phone. They help reduce the negative effects of our own phones on us. You can also find other companies that make similar things. It is highly worth the $20 or so to get one. They don't need to be replaced and you can just put it on the next phone when you ever need to change phones. Think about getting a disc for your laptop as well...

Secondly, I also recommend that you think about something to keep in your pocket, purse, or as a piece of jewelry that has some supportive ability for your whole body. This is to support you from all the OTHER radiation from the towers and other people's phones... you can't just minimize your own and be ok. So, that planet-tachyon website also has some things that you can put in your pocket or purse or necklace that support you from other radiation sources. Consider also a Q-link or other things that are made by other great companies to protect our energy fields.

Thirdly, I am also finding that when you get your nutrition dialed in, especially the methylation pathways for the body... your nerves tend to beef up their myelin sheaths and in general you become less sensitive to radiation stress via your body just getting stronger. So, the correct nutrition also supports this resistance. That is where I come in with testing for nutritional support.

I remember a patient that seemed to be just falling apart and felt much worse at home. Sometimes this is because a house has mold in the house and some people are sensitive to black mold. This was not the case. The house was new and when I went to investigate it seemed that air quality was not an issue. What WAS the issue were the huge powerlines that were close to their bedroom. You know the ones, the ones that power the whole city! So, I believe she was so sensitive to those power lines that she had to end up moving to save her health. Just a little radiation story for you...

So... bring in your old and new phones and let me check to see how they are affecting you. Since they are ever-present, we need to make sure that they are not draining us or causing health mischief. I am here to help. Do visit planet-tachyon or Q-link sites... also others... and find something for your phone, laptop, etc... and something for your pocket or around your neck. I think that is wise these days.

All the best to everyone.
Dr. Cone