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Diabetes is growing… almost 10% of the U.S. has diabetes and that number is expected to grow. Diabetes can be helped and people with this condition need not think of it as a death sentence or irreversible. It can be turned around. Diabetes responds very well to daily exercise. Diabetes also responds very well to dietary modification… especially less sugary things and more emphasis on low glycemic index fruits, vegetables, and good proteins and fats.

Diabetes also seems to have a strong genetic involvement. People who have a problem with certain genes, especially the SniP’s (Single-nucleotide polymorphisms) of the following genes:

  • -ACAT
  • -COMT
  • -VDR
  • -NDUFs

These SniPs are very involved in helping the body use glucose and insulin properly. We can test to find what nutritional supplements can help your body express more health even with a few weak links. We can find what minerals or vitamins help your enzymes process things better, use sugar better, and keep insulin at the proper level.

The pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands are all organs that might have some stresses on them that are not genetic problems. Any gland or organ might have some inflammation due to hidden infections, particularly hidden viruses in the case of the pancreas or liver. People can have food allergies that create inflammation that also burdens the overall health of a person. There can be problems with detoxifying and that can be improved and helped a lot.

If a person had diabetes and wants to get better I recommend:

  1. start some sustainable exercise program that you do daily for the rest of your life
  2. eat a diet that is low sugar and appropriate for diabetes improvement.
  3. get genetic testing to find out what things are not working. This is not expensive, usually only $99
  4. start a very specific nutritional program that helps your body work better, particularly with methylation and assisting the sugar metabolism pathways.
  5. get checked for hidden infections
  6. get checked for food allergies
  7. get checked for toxins and start detoxing

I often speak with patients who are “pre-diabetic”. This means that you are headed towards full blown diabetes soon. The sad thing I hear is that often medical doctors just take a wait and see approach to the blood sugar levels rather than doing some aggressive actions towards reversing this trend. I want to do everything that I can to help patients with diabetes to get better, manage blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, and natural supplements. You can see some huge changes with any one of those things. When you combine all 3 then you can really turn your health around.

I look forward to helping you in the future. Please call our office at 972-880-8541 if you would like to schedule an exam with me.