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Your sore throat might just be Mountain Cedar

Hello to all the awesome people in the DFW area... well, let me be more clear: Hello to all the awesome people in the DFW area who are on my email list! I hope November finds all of you healthy, happy, and sane. The weather has been giving lots of troubles to people with plenty of mountain cedar and to some extent ragweed pollen. If you have a sore throat or sneezing there is a big chance it is mountain cedar and not necessarily Voldemort... I mean Covid. Come on by the office if you do have some allergy symptoms and I will help find what you need to calm down your symptoms. I find that allergies are a problem when the liver or adrenal glands are not functioning well... so I really test those 2 organs well and find what to do to support them.

Also, joking aside, Covid, is making the last year and a half really weird. Have you noticed? One thing that I notice is that if you have Covid everyone is being told to go home and hide and to not come to the hospital to get health care. Instead, just hide at home and hope you get better. If you don't, there is a ventilator waiting for you at the hospital. But what about finding what your body wants to help get over this virus? What type of vitamin, mineral or herb do you need for a speedy recovery? That is really not being done enough except in the rare doctor's office where the door is still open and welcoming to people who need care. I am one of those doctors who is keeping my doors open.

The past year and a half has brought some patients in who knew they had Covid or got tested after they left my office and verified that they had it. Like usual, I just check each person to find what they need and the marvelous body recovers quickly when it is supplied with the right nutrients in the right quantities. The Covid cases got better in 2 to 3 days on average... much like the flu when I help people who have the flu.

I could go on and on about the weird things of the last year and a half. But I won't. I just wanted to say that my office is open and welcoming to anyone who is feeling like they need some help... help for allergies, stomach troubles, body pains, hormone imbalances, and even someone who has a cough, fever and sore throat. I am here for you.

Dr. Cone