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Symptoms of Black Mold

Our adventures over New Years...

I took my wife to the beach to celebrate the New Year. I rented a small beach cottage that I found online. Unfortunately our romantic getaway had a bonus of black mold in the closet next to the bedroom. I wanted to discuss black mold for you guys since it is on my mind. When I opened the closet as I was exploring the cottage, it smelled so moldy that I just closed the door and decided not to store any bags in that area. Later I realized that the moldy smell was getting into the bedroom a little bit. I probably would not have thought too much about it but after 2 nights the black mold was winning against our immune systems. That was exactly on New Years Eve. We both started feeling like burning lungs, extreme shivering, cough, and exhausted. We slept and in the morning we felt just as bad. I almost never get sick from anything...not from the flu or covid or strep. So I was wondering why I was so violently sick? I then realized that this house might be making us sick. We decided to cut the vacation short even if we might not get a full refund of our money. It was the right decision. As soon as we left we started feeling better. We both started taking anti-fungal herbs and lots of the correct vitamins. Now about 5 days later we are finishing up this unpleasant experience.

I hope this story is informative. Keep in mind if you feel that a building might be making you sick...then it possibly is "yes." If you feel better when you get out of town, it might be that you feel better because you- 1) are on vacation, 2) are away from the Dallas air allergies, or 3) you are away from a workplace or house that has mold in it. If you notice that many people in your family are sick then it can be the house making everyone ill. If your pets are starting to get sick or even die, the black mold can be killing them. This is serious, serious business. Sometimes the best thing you can do is change locations. Sometimes you can clean the black mold out enough that the place is livable again...but sometimes not. I have heard of people having to burn their clothing because the mold spores had gotten into the clothing so strongly that washing them was not doing a good enough job.

Black mold or variations of it need to be handled on 3 fronts. First, it needs to be killed. It is an organism that you don't want in your body. You want to take some herbs to kill it. But two, you also want to detox the poisons it produces. You don't want to just do detoxing and let the organism remain alive producing new toxins each day. And you don't want to kill it and not detox the poisons that remain. You need to do both. And of course you don't want to be breathing the air or around the location that has the mold. You need to clean the room or leave the area that contains the mold. But also realize, you can get away from the moldy source, but if the mold organism has infected your lungs or body, then you can carry it around with you. So you want to get away from the source, kill it in your body, and detox the poisons.

Symptoms range from runny or stuff nose, wheezing, coughing, sinus infections, headaches, difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, dizziness, skin rashes, digestive issues, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, fertility problems, cancer, depression, ulcers, fibromyalgia, and even death.

If you suspect that an air quality/black mold might be an issue, please reach out to me and come in for a checkup. There are ways to bring in air samples and we can test them. I have patients bring in jars that you collect air samples in from each major room in your house. We then test your reaction to the air samples from each room and we can find which room the mold is concentrated in. The worst room to to have the mold in is your bedroom. And bring in air samples from work or anywhere you are suspicious. We will check it. Mold can range from being annoying to deadly. I want to help identify if it is affecting your health. Sincerely, Dr. Cone 972-880-8541