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Straight-forward help for infertility

Success Story: I will occasionally work with ladies who have trouble getting pregnant. I love working with these ladies because they are so eager to try nutrition and also so happy when things start working right. One particular lady came in (almost crying) and said she couldn't maintain a pregnancy and she was emotionally worn out from trying so hard to have a baby. I listened and told her we would do our best to find out what was slowing down her body from working properly. When we started doing the testing, on that day 2 things needed to be addressed. The first was a food allergy-- to wheat. I recommended she stop wheat for a while since it was probably creating inflammation and stress in her whole body. She immediately agreed even though diet changes are never easy or fun. (Remember she was super-motivated). The second thing we found was that her thyroid gland was starving for some nutrients. We gave her some minerals for her thyroid gland. That is a very common problem in people with all sorts of problems. I then sent her home to try those 2 things.

I heard from her again in a month that she was pregnant. She was hopeful but fearful as well since she had been having a lot of miscarriages. I then tested her for any nutrients she needed on that visit and monthly after that. Fast forward a year and a half and she came back for a re-check with sleeping baby in a carrier. The first-time mom said that her birth was easy and baby is either sleeping soundly, eating, or smiling and playing. She commented that she is one of the happiest babies she has ever seen. That made my day to think of being a part of the mom's health and baby's development.

If you know of someone having challenges with fertility, please give my office a call. I would love to help.
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