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3 simple causes of neck, shoulder and even hand pains

What causes arm pains? What causes finger pains? What causes numbness in the arms? A lot of people complain of shoulder, elbow, and hand problems. There are usually a few causes of the mischief in the arms and I will discuss it here. There are 3 major causes of shoulder, arm and hand problems (aside from injury). Here they are:

1) Neck subluxations. What is a subluxation? It is a term that chiropractors use to describe when bone in the neck (or back) is rotated too much and stuck in the wrong position. When this happens t puts mild pressure on the nerves that come out from the spinal cord and go to the shoulder and arm. Arm nerves do 2 things. They help you feel stuff. And they help you move your arm. When a nerve is pinched then it can make you feel pain in your arm or even feel numb in spots. And along with that usually is some weakness in the arm or hand. People often say it becomes difficult to turn doorknobs or hold a pot in your hand. Pain can be in the shoulder, elbow, wrist or fingers. Chiropractors get great results with this type of pain.

2) Heart nutritional deficiencies. If the heart is hungry for some vitamins and it doesn't have enough of one or two, then it can cause pain in the arms (or legs). You often feel numb in your hands especially at night. Heart nutritional deficiencies cause the heart to radiate pain into the neck, shoulders, down the arms and into the hands. It can cause pain in the wrist and this gets labeled as carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain symptoms can also be in the low back and legs. If this is the cause of your pain, then massage or chiropractic care doesn't work very well.

3) Thyroid nutritional deficiencies. If your thyroid is missing nutrients or inflammed, then it causes tension in the neck and shoulders. It doesn't usually cause pain as much in the elbows or hands... just upper arms and neck. People can also feel like there is a lump in their throat and have the sensation of difficulty swallowing. Also, thyroid problems can cause headaches. As with heart troubles, chiropractic care or massage is a short term relief at best. The real fix is to calm down the thyroid with some nutritional remedies. The thyroid also causes lots of other symptoms but I am just focusing on pains.

As you might have noticed, the 2 organs that cause arm pains are also in the upper body- heart and thyroid. And the neck is the "control panel" for all the "wires" going to the arm. So, the causes of arm pains are all upper body causes. If you or someone you know have some neck or arm troubles, please call the office. I am glad to help.
Dr. Cone