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Let's do some testing for your chronic health problems

I get two types of problems in my office... 1) is emergency. 2) is chronic stuff. I am continuing to learn more about the chronic causes of health problems this year and taking advanced classes in genetic testing. THis testing can be done with muscle testing and/or via lab tests. I would love to help more people get stable with difficult and chronic conditions. For this, I need to do some testing that takes a little extra time but is very worth it. For the month of december please take advantage of this offer.

Reserve a double visit online or with my assistant, Diana. I will only charge for a normal office visit. THis double visit will give us extra time to go over genetic weaknesses in detoxing, energy production, hormone balance, depression, focus, memory,etc... in a much deeper way than usual. I would love to find out what is a hidden sticking point with your health. I have found some great stuff for me in my own health and I would love to share the gains with you as well.

I look forward to seeing you for double visit for the price of one... soon. All the best.
Dr. Cone