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Success story worth sharing

I recently had a patient come in for a re-check after a month. She reported some good news to me. She reported that since our last visit she had lost 10 pounds and was having easier elimination with bowel movements as well as feeling better in some overall ways. How did she do it? She avoided some foods that tested to be allergic for her and she took some supplements to support her thyroid gland.

I am expecting her to continue to lose weight and improve each month as she avoids her foods that cause her troubles and take her supplements. And another detail, we never talked about portion reduction, just avoiding certain foods.

One thing worth mentioning is that very often people hit a plateau with weight loss. I will often find that weight loss stalls when the liver or kidneys are overloaded. When toxins are released from fat cells along with the fatty acids, these toxins have to be filtered by the kidneys or liver. If these 2 organs are a bit overloaded after you lost some intitial weight, the weight loss can come to a halt. You can get progress to pick up again when you find what nutrition supports the kidneys or liver. Then weight loss continues.

I hope this encourages everyone who is thinking about losing weight. If I can be of assistance, please call the office for a check-up.
Dr. Cone