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Natural ways to cleanse your body + video on infertility

Hello from Dr. Cone...

Continuing on the thread of detoxing... what can help? Well, think of it in 2 ways. 1) stop putting so much toxins in you. And 2) help your body to speed up detoxing.

So for the first one here are some suggestions:

  • don't use those chemical air fresheners in the house
  • don't use things that have a lot of strong fragrance (dryer sheets, etc)
  • if you are using creams or lotions with ingredients you wouldn't eat- don't use it. It gets through your skin (absorbtion)
  • try to use mostly glass containers, stainless steel, or plastic ones that are safe (BPA-free)
  • get your mercury amalgam fillings checked and possibly removed
  • avoid foods with preservatives and food dyes and artificial flavors
  • drink filtered water/avoid straight tap water

For number 2)

  • eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies
  • consider juicing (it assists with detoxing)
  • saunas can help
  • a bath in epsom salts can help
  • ionized foot baths for detoxing can help
  • dry brushing your skin
  • being active enough to breathe deeply or lightly sweat moves the lymph (walking, stairs, light exercise)
  • THE MAIN WAY... is to improve liver and kidney function. In my opinion 95% of detoxing is done through these 2 organs. All the other ways are beneficial and helpful but you get the most bang for your buck with improving kidney or liver function with nutrition.

If you know someone who is having trouble with pregnancy, infertility, or menstrual cycle problems, I am starting a 3 video lecture on youtube. Please watch and share...

Stay happy and sane. Call if I can be of assistance because I am open for helping (as usual).
Dr. Cone