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What have I experienced with Covid 19 this year?

As you know, I use natural medicine and vitamins and minerals and herbs to help improve health. This year I have had some people come in who thought they were sick with Covid but they actually were having usual allergy symptoms- sore throat, achy, tired. Some people have come in and told me they had just got checked and were diagnosed with having this virus. Other people came in feeling under the weather and we found they needed some nutrients and herbs to support their immune system fighting off a probable virus.. then they got checked and sure enough, they had the covid virus.

So, to get the point... my experiences this year are that people feel achy, tired, maybe a cough... we find what nutrients they need extra of... they go home and take those nutrients, and they report feeling normal again in 2-4 days... sometimes it takes a little extra time to get back to full energy. That is what I have seen this year.

I hope that is encouraging to a lot of you. I have not seen the extreme cases that are out there. But my experience is that this virus seems to be similar to a cold or flu and with natural medicine for your body- you recover pretty quickly. I don't know what is being promoted by hospitals after someone is diagnosed with Covid other than "go home and hunker down for 2 weeks". If you think you have this virus or have been tested and KNOW you have this virus, here are some natural things that support your immune system. A strong immune system throws out this virus rather quickly... here goes:

  • extra Vitamin A (10k iu and up)
  • extra Vitamin D3 (10k iu and up)
  • extra Vitamin C (10,000mg and up)
  • Elderberry Juice-- 3 tablespoons per day
  • Zinc- 30 mg per day
  • MCT oil- 1 tablespoon or more

If you need some help, I am here. Come on in whether you are having troubles with allergies or a cold, stomach troubles or hormone imbalanes. All the best.
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